Bastards / København

Axeltorv 6. København 1609
Opening Hours
Tue, Wed, Thu 17:30 - 22:00
Fri, Sat 12:00 - 15:00

We're located in the heart of Copenhagen, close to Tivoli and the iconic cinema, Palads. The menu changes regularly as we rely on small local farmers who focus on good quality, and organic produce. We don´t f**k around with our vegetables and we treat our meat with respect #oldschool - born as bastards, raised as gentlemen

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Tips from the Net @ Bastards
Cristina Niculescu en
It's alright. Sometimes very crowded, a bit too much to actually play any games. And some of the games have missing pieces. I guess that's more a review of the clientele than the place. I like and it's cozy, but a gamble to find a place or a game sometimes :) GooglePlace - December 2017
Morten Zinck en
The selection of board games is just ridiculous. There are so many it's actually difficult to get a complete overview of what's there. Luckily they have this great concept of "game gurus". They will happily help you find a game you want and will even help you get started. It gets very crowded, so book your table in advance. Cost is 25dkk per person for the full selection of games. GooglePlace - October 2017
Erik Nielsen en
Nice selection of games. A unike place in Copenhagen. They even have bar service and some snacks and stuff so you can just hang out and enjoy your game and good company. But it dose get quote crowded en the evening's. GooglePlace - October 2017
Maima Postma en
Lovely place to go to. When I was in Copenhagen on holiday I came here 4 times and spent about 12 hours here. It is a café where you can drink tea, wine, beer etc and play games. It is possible to play free games with a limited selection about 40 games I guess. And for some amount of money it is possible to play whatever they have in the store. When you're there around 7 there are people everywhere playing games. Mostly college age people, but also families with kids. I really loved the atmosphere here and if I'm ever going to Copenhagen again I'm definitely coming back!! GooglePlace - September 2017
P Kaitz en
I've got this 500 Faroe Islands kroner note that they somehow slipped me before I left. There's an exact equivalence with the Danish kroner but I can't use the former in a life size country. So I go into a Money Exchange kiosk. She offers me 445. Asks if I have more. Says "it's better for you". I immediately picture a 7-11 banana purchase. The Pakistani clerks, who apparently have a monopoly on 7-11s because they're here too, though here they speak an intelligible English, inform you it's cheaper if you buy 2 bananas. But you only want 1 banana. I decline. She gives me the 445 kroner. I think this ought to be enough for a cup of coffee. GooglePlace - September 2017