Café Mandela / København V

Halmtorvet 11 København V 1700
Opening Hours
Sun 10:00 - 22:00
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu 10:00 - 00:00
Fri, Sat 10:00 - 02:00
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Tips from the Net @ Café Mandela
Dina Bekkevold Lingås en
Good live music on a sunday, people dancing and lively attitude. Good wine. Wish the waiters had been a tiny bit more attentive though. GooglePlace - May 2017
Susanne Den Boer en
We visited cafe Mandela on Sunday, looking forward to have brunch. We are vegetarians, and there are very few vegetarian options on the menu. We therefore thought the brunch buffet was an excellent option. It was very busy, so my 3 year old daughter and myself had to stand in line for 15 minutes (!!!) before we could even order something to eat and drink. By the time it was our turn to finally order our food, it was exactly 14:00 and the waitress told us we were not allowed to order brunch anymore. She told us that we could clearly read this on the menu (not true, there are no times given for the weekend brunch on the menu!!!). All the brunch food was still out on the tables, she could have simply given us a plate and we could just have gotten it ourselves within 30 seconds. Instead the waitress told my little girl and me that we could no longer have those pancakes, eggs, yoghurts etc. that we had just been looking at for 15 minutes while standing in line. I don't understand this at all. It is not like we asked the chef to cook us new food at that point, as the food was already made and standing on the table (it was a buffet!). It was zero effort for cafe Mandela to serve us brunch at that point. Apparently, cafe Mandela prefers to throw away all this leftover food (there was a lot!!!), instead of earning at least 312kr for lunch for my partner and myself. Because we were 30 seconds too late after standing in line for 15 mins. Very very uncool, really it does not hurt to be a tiny little bit flexible guys. I am also shocked that cafe Mandela does not try to limit food waste, they should have actually tried to sell as much of the buffet as they could, one would think!?!? We left and had a nice brunch in the cafe 50 meters away. GooglePlace - March 2017
Michael Bällstav en
Ok and soft atmosphere. Bring your cards! Foursquare - January 2017
Katarina Fegraeus en
We went to Café Mandela on a Sunday and it was very peaceful, but they had a DJ on the backyard that played old jazz (because of the jazz festival) so we still had a good time. Foursquare - January 2017
Tyler Dirdrn en
Amazing local Cafe' all organic with an amazing breakfast buffet on weekends; Much better than what the ratings suggest! Foursquare - December 2016