Gasoline Grill / København

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Tips from the Net @ Gasoline Grill
Connor Thorpe en
If you are in Copenhagen, you have to stop by gasoline grill. The burgers are top notch. They taste like a ground up steak. The meat was incredible. Like most things in Copenhagen, this was pretty expensive, but it was worth it. GooglePlace - December 2017
Barry Donovan en
I came from the UK to visit Gasoline Grill (amongst other non-burger Danish venues) and I can safely say it was one of the highlights of the trip. So much so that we returned to the other location a few days later. Initially hearing about it because one of Meatliquor’s founders had rated it one of the best burgers in Europe, I continued to read nothing bad about the place besides scary things regarding the queue and waiting times. Thankfully this was fairly unfounded - we queued for maybe 20 minutes (taking the time to dither over what we wanted, and gazing hungrily at the food we could see people enjoying) and, besides that, it was a pleasant enough day. Service was friendly despite the busyness and swift once we reached the front of the queue and the menu easy to comprehend as it was in English. Oh, except the water where I had to frantically google which was carbonated (disgusting), and which was still (better). They also offer a decent selection of beer. They took a name and we were asked to wait outside for it to be called. This took maybe a further 10 minutes which we spent just staring at people who’d had the forethought to save seats for their friends. Prices are comparable to Five Guys in the UK. Not as cheap as McDonalds but cheaper than Byron. This reflects the small establishment and the limited outside seating. We went to a little park behind the restaurant and ate on a bench. A table would’ve been handy, but we made do with spilling food all over the floor. This is a juicy burger indeed. I went for a standard cheeseburger and oil and juices were flowing. Thankfully you’re supplied with an adequate number of napkins and a wet wipe. Despite the messiness, the burger holds together well, maintaining integrity until the last bite. The wouldn’t be the case a few days later where I had the Butter Burger because I wondered what it was - it essentially is the same as a cheeseburger with the addition of a huge hunk of butter added on. Delicious but I didn’t like to think of the calorie content! They do a range of fries, and a range of salts to go with these. I think it must be a Danish thing but I found it way too much salt, having to shake it off the fries before dipping into Gasoline Sauce (not as gross as it sounds). GooglePlace - November 2017
Philip Baumann en
Burger tasted awesome, no doubt about it, but then I was having stomach issues later (nothing serious though). Will go back again. Foursquare - November 2017
Jannik Nordahl-Pedersen en
Very nice Burgerbar. Excellent burgers and fries! Food came quickly and service was very friendly. Nice location and parking for the car was no problem. GooglePlace - November 2017
Eduardo Auvert en
Amazing hamburgers and fries. Well recommended. Two heads up, one go when you have the time and with a little bit of patience, it gets crowded really quickly and it takes time for the burgers to be delivered. The second, theres no bathroom so thats something you should know but besides that it will completely worth it. The butter burger is just incredible GooglePlace - November 2017