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Jincheng is a prefecture-level city in the southeast of Shanxi province of north China. It is an industrial city in an area where coal mining is an important industry. The entire prefecture has a population of 2.2 million.The presence of such a large coal industry has given Jincheng a reputation for air pollution and in recent years the local government has invested heavily to promote better air quality in the city. This includes tree-planting, establishing and maintaining large parks and ecological reserves, shutting down or relocating some of the worst-polluting factories, and the generalized use of coalbed methane which burns much cleaner than coal.GeographyJincheng is located in the southeast corner of Shanxi province. The prefecture-level city covens an area of 9,490-square-kilometers. It has 188,920 hectares of cultivated land.EconomyJincheng has considerable mineral resources, notably coal. Coal-beds account for more than 56% of the total area. Most of this is anthracite, a very valuable type of coal with few impurities. The anthracite in Jincheng makes up more than a quarter of the total in China and half of the total for Shanxi province. Jincheng also has a large coal mine methane field which was discovered in Qinshui county in 2001.Both anthracite and coal mine methane were mainly produced by Jincheng Anthracite Mining Group.Transportation China National Highway 207 Taiyuan–Jiaozuo Railway Jincheng does not have a commercial airport, although the nearby cities of Zhengzhou, Changzhi and Luoyang do.

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The HOliver Bros da
"virkelig dårlig mad, kan ikke anbefale noget." bøsse spiser 2013 (kan du ikke holde din kæft og bruge din smagsløg? Hvis ik', så har du fandme ikke en smagsløg idiot-spiser. GooglePlace - December 2017
Imad Bkt en
You have to pay your tap water 15dk per glass !!! Just ridiculous, avoid this restaurant. And the welcoming is too bad ! GooglePlace - December 2017
denis wahlgreen da
Vi ventede i 55 minutter, og havde forlængst konsumeret vores drikkevarer. To borde blev besat 20 minutter efter vi kom, af kinesere. Deres mad væltede ind, mens vi sad og ventede. Vi henvendte os til tjeneren ,men der skete intet. Vil helst ikke beskylde nogen for racisme, men den forfordeling vi blev udsat for smagte lidt af " kinesere først, og så kan vi andre idioter vente ". GooglePlace - July 2016
Nuno Kim en
Good GooglePlace - May 2015
A Google User en
It was very nice place, good quality food, good service and decent price. Have lunch with 3 ppl with soups and main course and cost less than 80 dkk per person. as a tourist I recomend it for evryone . GooglePlace - October 2013