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Wildersgade 10 København 1408
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Kadeau was founded in 2007 on the island of Bornholm in the Baltic Sea, the easternmost point of Denmark. During the restaurant's first couple of years it became more and more evident to Nicolai, the head chef, that the island's special geographical position had something very unique to offer in regards to climate, diversity in flora and natural beauty. In other words: Bornholm has a unique and amazing terroir, and it quickly became the ambition of Kadeau to explore this terroir as throughly as possible. Bornholm meats, fish, grains, greens, fruits, berries, and wild herbs soon took over most of the plates at Kadeau - and the plates themselves were replaced by ceramics from one of the island's extremely gifted ceramists. Kadeau experiments with both old and modern preparation techniques and promotes a natural and organic expression in their cooking. In 2011 Kadeau opened Kadeau København ("Kadeau Copenhagen"). In 2013 Kadeau was awarded a star in the Guide Michelin, which it retains today. // Kadeau blev grundlagt i foråret 2007 på stranden på Bornholms sydkyst. I løbet af restaurantens første år blev det mere og mere tydeligt for Nicolai, Kadeaus køkkenchef, at Bornholm havde noget helt specielt at tilbyde med hensyn til klima, flora og naturskønhed. Med andre ord: Bornholm har et helt unikt terroir, som kan smages i råvarerne derfra. Det blev Kadeaus ambition at udforske dette terroir, og snart begyndte bornholmsk kød, fisk, grønsager, kornprodukter, frugt, bær og vilde urter at overtage tallerkenerne på Kadeau. Selve tallerkenerne blev løbende også erstattet af keramik fra en af Bornholms dygtigste keramikere. Kadeau eksperimenterer med både nye og gamle tilberedningsformer, og det organiske og naturlige er omdrejningspunktet i Kadeaus anretninger. I 2011 åbnede Kadeau København, og i 2013 modtog Kadeau en stjerne i Michelin-guiden. Denne stjerne har restauranten stadig. Instagram: @restaurantkadeau Twitter: @NicolaiKadeau

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Kadeau København
Kadeau København Michelin * Kadeau was started by sommelier Rasmus Kofoed (no, the other Rasmus Kofoed - not the Chef of Geranium) and Chef Nicolai Nørregaard on the island of Bornholm as a gastrono ... continue Very Good Food · Blog
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Kristoffer Evangelista en
Very welcoming staff and cosy restaurant. Danish cusine at its best. A lot of research and work were done with every dish. Really worth the travel. GooglePlace - June 2017
Stephen Walmsley en
One of the best dining experiences of my life 2 years ago. Re-visited 1 year ago and it is still an excellent restaurant, only a little overly formal now since their refit. It just seemed so serious and not as fun as the first visit. GooglePlace - May 2017
Jon Young en
Loved this place - food, drinks, staff and atmosphere are all great. It's not cheap but then you wouldn't expect it to be. GooglePlace - April 2017
Alex Coburn en
Just be careful that you don't have to change your plans at short notice. If, as I did, you only cancel your booking 25 hours in advance, this delightful organisation will still charge you £438 or 3750 DKK for the privilege. No doubt you didn't read all the small print about cancelling 72 hours in advance, or maybe, like me, you couldn't find the "cancel" buttton on the website (it doesn't exist). No matter - at least you can say that you once had a reservation at Kadeau, and that's worth 3750 krone, isn't it? GooglePlace - March 2017
Espen Bago en
Amazing food and combinations, fermented, smoked, pickled, dried, etc - and great ambience in a small restaurant Foursquare - March 2017