Kartoffelkælderen / København

Krystalgade 9 København 1172
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Kartoffelkælderen was definitely the worst restaurant I have ever been to. It looks quite nice from the outside and the special offers (3 course menu) are quite cheap. But this is misleading. The restaurant is not, as the name would suggest, traditional danish, but run by a chinese owner. The menu is totally weird and offers a mixture of different kinds of meat dishes (lamb, duck, pork, steak etc.). The name of the restaurant comes from the option to choose between french fries and a baked potato as a side for each dish. Of course, everything is "very, very good" and "very, very cheap" as the waiter did not foget to mention several times. The atmosphere in the restaurant was also not nice. It was very cold and there was no music or anything. Since we were the only guests, we could exactly hear what was going on in the kitchen: Opening and closing of the freezer, microwave, deep fryer. And that was exactly what we would be served as dinner: Fast food, that everyone can buy in the frozen food section of his supermarked. The food quality was so low, that everybody can do it a lot better himself. Furthermore, the portions were also very small, so it was not cheap at all. All this makes a visit in this restaurant to become a huge disappointment. But yet I haven't told the worst thing that happened: One half of my breaded pork meat (Schnitzel) was well done, whereas the other half was completely rare, which for the breaded crust I din't notice until I bit into it. Disgusting. After cutting the meat into different pieces to check, where it was rare and where not, I told the waiter. Of course he appologized, but what happened was that they put the 10 pieces of Schnitzel in the deep fryer and served it to me again. Just horrible. We skipped the dessert and went out of this "restaurant" as fast as possible. Never again. If you want to have cheap fast food, then I would suggest do go to McDonalds, Burger King or do something on your own. This will be cheaper, of much better quality and you will have bigger portions than at the "Kartoffelkælderen". And, of course, you will avoid food poisoning. GooglePlace - November 2010