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Kiin Kiin
Kiin Kiin Outstanding haut Thai cuisine that received it’s first Michelin star in 2008 and much well-deserved. It is the only Thai restaurant in the world awarded a Michelin star. ... continue Very Good Food · Blog
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S C en
Nice environment but foods were too salty for us. Kitchen was kind of slow & we spend approx 3 hours for the dinner and most of the time was waiting for the foods. Worth to try once of the experience. GooglePlace - March 2018
Gulnara Hickman en
Very average and overpriced My husband and I had a dinner at Kiin Kiin to celebrate our wedding anniversary. It was a disappointing experience... There were few things that made me feel that way. 1. Inexperienced staff We are expats living in Copenhagen and we spoke English with the staff. Before we could even start the dinner, we were asked twice where we come from and why we don't speak Danish. Although I don't at all mind this question, when it naturally comes up in the conversation, I find it annoying, when asked first thing I come to a restaurant. Overall I found the service a bit awkward and slow. We had to wait at least 15-20 minutes from the point we sat down in the upstairs area until we were served drinks. 2. "Snacks" area downstairs At first I liked the interior of the area downstairs and I thought it was an interesting idea, but we were sat there a bit longer than I expected. The presentation of the dishes was very good and creative, but we were sitting quite close to another couple, that arrived "a dish later" than we did. So they saw our presentation of the dishes first, which I think spoiled the experience for them. 3. Average food Once we got upstairs and were finally served the food, some of the dishes tasted good, some were average, but some I thought were completely missing the "right taste balance". There was one dish that looked very interesting when served, but was very disappointing in taste. It wasn't clear what I was eating, the salty taste of the source was completely overwhelming. I managed to eat only some of this dish and at the end was left with a similar taste in my mouth you would get if you drank a glass of soya source. There was another dish, which had some vegetables, but again the taste of the source was so overwhelming, that I couldn't taste the vegetables. The last nail in the coffin was the screw top wine. I am maybe a bit old-fashioned, but I avoid buying screw top wine even when buy it in a supermarket. For me there is some magic in hearing that "pop" when corks comes out of the bottle. It was also the first time I saw a screw top bottle of wine at this price! The 2 starts I give in my review is only for the creativity in presenting the dishes. My advice would be to avoid this restaurant. There are so many amazing places to eat in Copenhagen, and for me it's definitely not one of them. GooglePlace - February 2018
Yohanes Leander en
Kiin Kiin is the only Michelin starred Thai restaurant in Europe. It was a thoroughly enjoyable, playful and surprising meal, from a kitchen whose chef deeply understands flavour and balance. We started with loads of Thai nibbles that kept us amused and extremely happy. They were amazingly creative, unique and tasty while keeping a strong Thai soul. It was one of the best Thai meals I have had! Memorable, delicious and special on the new year's eve of 2018. If you are ever in Copenhagen then do yourself a favour and come here. GooglePlace - January 2018
Alexa Hedges en
Amazing! Love this place. Was a great experience! Food was very interesting and the wine was Devine!!! 6 course meal! Fabulous GooglePlace - December 2017
Pekka Törmänen en
The food was excellent. A lot of different tastes and allways some contrasting tastes and textures. Very nice service. Most of the wines did not add value. Maybe should have taken the juices instead. GooglePlace - October 2017