Lagano / København K

Dronningens Tværgade 22 København K 1302
Opening Hours
Sun 12:00 - 22:00
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 10:00 - 22:00
normal 261 votes
Tips from the Net @ Lagano
Bojan Talijan Hinic en
Pizza was ok, but... They don't accept credit cards and when you pay in euros their conversion rate is unfair. As well, I found an extra hair in my pizza. GooglePlace - July 2017
Rémi Guastavino en
Good and cheap pizza. :) GooglePlace - June 2017
Shiko Maruyama en
My favorite Pizzeria around this area. Not authentic Napoli pizza, but excellent for inexpensive and tasty quick pizza. GooglePlace - June 2017
Claus Munch en
Skip their potatoe pizzas. Otherwise an average pizzaria. GooglePlace - June 2017
Stefano Pauli en
This place does not offer real Italian pizza. Maybe it did in the past, when the previous Italian owner was behind the counter but definitely it is not the case any longer. I have tried this place three times. The third just recently, just to be fair and give it a last chance and my opinion has not changed. My test consisted of ordering the most basic pizza: Margherita. The dough was not great. Instead of mozzarella, they used a generic cheese and finally they made the mistake every not Italian pizzaiolo makes with the Margherita: they used oregano instead of fresh basil. My girlfriend ordered a focaccia and she was not impressed either. She described it as tasteless. We are both 100% born and raised Italians, so when it comes to pizza, we know what we are talking about. This is not a good pizza place. Addition in response to the owner: 1) I rectified the comment on the ownership several weeks ago, as a matter of fact the most recent one states instead that you are no longer behind the counter as I have always met foreign workers making pizzas, definitely not Italians. The pictures on the wall of the pizzeria show much different pizzas from the ones served today, this fact made me wrongly assume that the pizzeria changed ownership, which would have explained why the pizzas are not good but this is not the case, according to your own statement. 2) My comments on Google Maps and on Yelp are identical because neither the methodology to test the pizza nor my opinion have changed a bit. The only change comes from me editing both reviews in the last weeks after having tried the pizza for the third and last time together with my girlfriend, who decided to pick a different item from the menu (i.e. focaccia) that she did not like either. 3) For someone who respects others' opinions, I am surprised that, instead of commenting on what kind of cheese is used and why oregano has replaced fresh basil, most of your reply focuses on the truthfulness of my comment. 4) For a place run by an Italian, I must add that it is quite odd having a menu full of typos (e.g. Foccacia, Pannini) and serving pizzas with pastrami, chicken or "Bolognese". I am pretty sure many Italians would be as puzzled as myself in seeing this kind of pizzas served by a real Italian pizzeria. 5) Speaking of strange things: some 5 stars reviews this pizzeria has come from profiles that have never reviewed anything else. 6) Isn't conflict of interest for you to rate 5 stars your own pizzeria as well as for Mr. Nieddu, (employer of yours at Fabio's Paparazzi - information available on LinkedIn) to post a 5 stars review right after you posted your own? GooglePlace - January 2017