Lêlê / København K

Vesterbrogade 40 København K 1620
Opening Hours
Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 11:30 - 21:30

Restaurant LêLê is Vietnamese cuisine, marching to the beat of modern and international tendencies. The food at Restaurant LêLê is simple, yet the flavors are filled with nuances. Whether you are into sweet, salty, sour, hot, crisp or mild, there are plenty of tasty dishes to choose from. Restaurant LêLê is the beating heart of LêLê, which also comprises LêLê Street Kitchen. The restaurant is where all of the inspiration and culinary development originates from, and where new and ingenious dishes are continuously thought out by Executive Chef, Vincent Chaisy – with a Michelin background – as well as Co-Owner, Anh Lê. On weekdays the ambience at Restaurant LêLê is cozy and relaxed. On Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, you will instantly feel the urban vibe. At the restaurant, you will also find the Tiger Bar, which functions as both a pre-dinner bar and a cocktail bar.

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Blogger Reviews @ LêLê
LêLê nhà hàng – Loving Vietnamese food
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Tips from the Net @ LêLê
Murat en
Great location, in a neighbourhood with a lot of nightlife venues. Food is delicious, wine menu is great, staff/service is very nice. Prices are affordable. Rez is a must, busy, and DJ at weekends. Foursquare - December 2017
Mark en
Been consistent up until now. Served us half portions and we didn't notice it until we got home. But good food! GooglePlace - September 2017
Lydian Bremen en
Nice and affordable restaurant! Good service. GooglePlace - August 2017
Anna van Beijmerwerdt en
Good Asian food in combination with good cocktails. Great place to go to with a group of friends. Foursquare - August 2017
Dayna Kalms en
Don't go here if you are a vegetarian and don't go here if you want value for money. 2 vegetarian items on the entire menu and 1 is spring rolls. The lunch specials all have meat and one of the lunch specials has a tofu option on the regular menu but they would not honor it for the lunch special. I normally spend 50-60 dkk on a lunch special in cph but this one cost 94 kroner so basically their idea of a special is paying full price for the meal and getting a free water. I opted for a fish dish as I'm not a strict vegetarian and the fish cakes were way too salty, dry, and tasted pre-made in some factory far far away. I paid 72 dkk for this tiny fish cake sandwich that left me hungry and in much need of a palette cleanser. The menu was completely over priced and I will not return for dinner. GooglePlace - July 2017