Mad (Modern American Diner) / København V

Vesterbrogade 1 København V 1620
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Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 08:00 - 00:00
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Tips from the Net @ MAD (Modern American Diner)
Simon Sønderriis en
Shiiiit!!!! This was a terrible decision! The food was boring and way to expensive... we didn't even get guacamole to our Nachos and the beer was flat AF! They blasted out music over the speakers and even tho we asked them to turn it down they just turned it back up again... I'll say it again STAY AWAY! GooglePlace - November 2017
Rasmus Haarslev en
The food was okay, but not great. The service was boring, and the restaurant was empty. I was sad to see their old menu is gone in favor of a boring old-school menu. I can no longer recommend this place. GooglePlace - November 2017
Tea Kau en
The burger was alright. Pretty expensive for a average burger. The water was not cold. The sweet potato fries was really good tho. Service was alright. Not too friendly, not rude. Their new menu and logo is such a downgrade from what it used to be. GooglePlace - November 2017
Christian Dannie Storgaard en
2017: Avoid if possible. Orders were wrong (2 out of five orders wrong), service was incredibly slow (20 minutes to get the wrong drinks, 30 minutes more to get the wrong food), the food was average to horrible (burgers were average, a grilled sandwich was frozen inside and its ingredients were discount supermarket quality). After this mess of a meal, it proved extremely difficult to get our check and the staff's muddled, poor English only complicated the situation more. It's hard to fathom that this is the same place as last year. Oh, they've also chosen to now play loud, sexually explicit rap music. Really, avoid if possible. 2016: One of the absolute best burger places in Copenhagen. For international standards its a good to very good burger place, for Danish standards, its exceptional. GooglePlace - October 2017
ardexx en
An almost empty restaurant with dirty dishes on the tables everywhere. Took a while before being served. The 'Kobe' burger wasn't there anymore, so ordered a standard one, which was okay. Some new guests that came in were directed to 2nd floor, and came down again after half an hour because they did not get any service. This happened twice. 2,5m away from me they were grinding metal. Yes, inside the restaurant. No American atmosphere at all, but Spanish or Catalan. This is by far a bad thing, but it does not match with the name of the restaurant and the menu. Have been here several times before and that was a totally different experience. JUST 3* because the food was not bad, all the rest sucked. GooglePlace - October 2017