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Roman08090 en
Nice staff, they were able to find us a seat even though the place was all booked. Food is inventive (photos pretty much reveal it). Steaks are mediocre, minced meat is great. GooglePlace - January 2018
Daren Lindley en
We had their Christmas Dinner prefix! A Danish feast!! Fantastic! Classic Danish food. Sild, rye bread, great cheeses, roat pork and on and on! The proprietor told us that they have been surving food at this location since 1536! It didn't become a "Restaurant" until the 1700's because the kings would bring their mistresses there and they didn't want it to be a legal reataurant. So they refused to license it but allowed it to operate! Facinating historial location! GooglePlace - December 2017
Howard Roark en
This is apparently where the locals come to eat. I had the holiday set (6 courses?) and it was overall great with the exception of the pork. It was the driest pork i have had at a restaurant. GooglePlace - November 2017
Jesse Ledger en
The Food was delicious and the service was friendly and attentive. Highly recommend, suggest reservations as restaurant is very small but is very complet. GooglePlace - November 2017
Merly M. en
I came here because of all the great reviews, but I didn't have such an excellent time like everyone else. We came in around 12pm and it was completely empty...we weren't even sure it was open. I saw an employee on the computer at the far end and called out to her but she didn't respond. I thought that maybe she couldn't hear me, so I got closer, still no response. She was browsing on a clothing shop online. I was literally 3-feet away from her and she continued to ignore me. It's likely she was annoyed that we were interrupting her shopping time. FINALLY she turned around and responded to us and told us where we could sit. After that first encounter I was nervous that she'd be horrible to us, but she was polite enough afterwards. Anyway, the food was okay. I feel like I had better food in other places in Copenhagen. I got two different sandwiches (vegetarian potato one and a roasted pork one). My boyfriend got the burger type sandwich. It was a little overpriced. I don't know, after reading the reviews I was ready to be thrilled by this place, and it was just kind of whatever. Okay food, okay service, okay everything. I wouldn't come back if I were visiting again. GooglePlace - November 2017