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Merly M. en
I came here because of all the great reviews, but I didn't have such an excellent time like everyone else. We came in around 12pm and it was completely empty...we weren't even sure it was open. I saw an employee on the computer at the far end and called out to her but she didn't respond. I thought that maybe she couldn't hear me, so I got closer, still no response. She was browsing on a clothing shop online. I was literally 3-feet away from her and she continued to ignore me. It's likely she was annoyed that we were interrupting her shopping time. FINALLY she turned around and responded to us and told us where we could sit. After that first encounter I was nervous that she'd be horrible to us, but she was polite enough afterwards. Anyway, the food was okay. I feel like I had better food in other places in Copenhagen. I got two different sandwiches (vegetarian potato one and a roasted pork one). My boyfriend got the burger type sandwich. It was a little overpriced. I don't know, after reading the reviews I was ready to be thrilled by this place, and it was just kind of whatever. Okay food, okay service, okay everything. I wouldn't come back if I were visiting again. GooglePlace - November 2017
Flavia Ioffredo en
This place is great! The staff is very friendly and the food amazing, if you want to taste some Danish typical food that's the right place! GooglePlace - October 2017
pclement86 en
Friendly staff and nice place. But the food was average for the price with small portions ( 2 small plates more than 300 kr). Still hungry after the meal! GooglePlace - October 2017
Dana Bush en
Wonderful atmosphere, really attentive and friendly service. Food and drinks were served very quickly. I had the salmon and it was beautiful. GooglePlace - October 2017
dorinachen en
The crackling pork here was amazing. We wanted to come back because of that. Daughter loved the fish and chips too. The large tasting plate was an interesting introduction to their local food. As commented by others here, they wanted to give an introduction to all their food, but it got busy after the first plate came so we didn't get an introduction to the second plate. So I guess u need to go when they are either more well staffed or when it's off peak. GooglePlace - June 2017