Restaurant Relæ / København N

Jægersborggade 41 København N 2200
Opening Hours
Tue, Wed, Thu 17:00 - 22:00
Fri, Sat 12:00 - 13:30

Everything is cut to the bone, no frames but the few hanging on the walls. Simplicity with quality comes first, great details are just beneath. Its our choice to be certified organic, because its worth it. Wine? We pick ‘em naturally, You pour ‘em.

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Relæ Relæ is not a common restaurant, it’s a place that challenges traditional concepts and challenges you, the diner. In fact it’s the most cutting-edge, avantgarde place in Copenhagen. ... continue Very Good Food · Blog
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F P en
Had the experience menu at one of the kitchen tables and it was amazing! I'm back home and I'm still thinking about some of the items I had. We did not ask for any special arrangements or substitutions on the menu, but my favourite courses were vegetarian. The service was lovely and the menu was well matched, well ordered, and very well presented (some restaurants go too far overboard, making it a bit tacky). I will consider returning. GooglePlace - January 2018
Charles McMicking en
The food is sensational but so is the price. You just have to go with the culinary experience. From first to last course - a true taste sensation. Minimalist table settings where the cutlery is hidden in drawers tucked away, anything that might detract from the main focus is removed. They farm - forage and fish for their ingredients and it shows in the care and presentation of every dish. Once I have paid off the mortgage that I took out - I will be back. GooglePlace - December 2017
Joleen Hind en
After reading the reviews of this restaurant being able to adjust their vegetarian menu to a vegan (egg and dairy restricted) option, we were very excited to make a reservation. I wrote the restaurant to confirm this was possible, but received the response: " We are really sorry but we can not suit your request. We believe in the food that we serve and we are sure in that way will not respect our vision or philosophy. " Having food restrictions is against their vision and philosophy? I can understand if they responded that they cannot guarantee there are no animal products, but to state it is against their philosophy is very unfortunate for a Michelin starred restaurant. I do not recommend this restaurant to anyone who has any type of food restriction, it does not appear that we would be welcome. GooglePlace - November 2017
Ricardo Batista en
Cheapest Michelin star restaurant in Denmark. Amazing and relatively cheap. Need reservations ( Foursquare - November 2017
Suzanne Nam en
Fun, interesting, enjoyable culinary experience at this trendy, high-end restaurant. Somehow my vegan request became lactose intolerance, we made it work. Most dishes highlight vegetables from their own farms or suppliers anyway. Their sourdough bread is amazing. No gimmick, just great bread. Wine pairing was nice, just a bit too much unless you are looking for that. GooglePlace - October 2017