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David Fotheringham en
Very nice food all fresh , brilliant customer service and a good quiet atmosphere GooglePlace - September 2017
Pat Rick en
Worst chinese restaurant I've ever been in 25 years of my life. I asked very kindly and sanely about the price on the receipt. But the old chinese guy talked like he's been terrorised by us, started comparing us with Americans when I'm asian, that we've accused him of cheating and we should photocopy his menu and hire a lawyer. Just so you know, menu information is dodgy, when asked about ceylon tea, his staff said ceylon tea taste like ceylon tea. Well... big man, I'm not gonna say your egg noodles taste like egg noodles because they taste like ripped A4 paper with salt and pepper dipped in water. They have a sign of no photography because you don't want to see depression & hopelessness in your picture. Shanghai would be ashamed but I wish you all good luck! GooglePlace - July 2017
Peter Banck en
When I started visting this restaurant is was a strong 3. During the years its steady decline have been a sad journey. Was my last visit for quite a while. GooglePlace - June 2017
Solely Pearly en
I and my husband(we both are Asian) had lunch buffet there in April 2017. The food was average. The waitress(I think she's Danish) was very nice and always smiled. BUT the Chinese old guy waiter or owner(I don"t know) was bad to us when I ask for a wifi password ,he answered with annoying voice and raised the voice to almost yelled at me, then my husband requested another napkin, that same old guy did not give it, he told my husband to use the only one given on the table . Then, came the European customers, that old guy's service was MUCH different to what he serviced us. He even smiled, talked very polite etc I never imagine that he himself is an Asian would have treated Asian customers like that. I and my husband have been traveling many many places (25 - 30 countries) and we've been to Europe and USA many times,never experienced such bad service from Chinese restaurant. Bad bad bad ...... don"t go there. GooglePlace - April 2017
Mark Ruvald en
Worn out, I bet this place used to be fancy but not anymore. Tables bear the impact scars of thousands of glasses cutlery. Slightly sticky tables. Food is alright but overpriced. If you really really like Chinese food then this is probably fine, otherwise please go to another restaurant in Copenhagen. GooglePlace - April 2017