Scarpetta / København N

Rantzausgade 7 København N 2200
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Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 17:30 - 00:00
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Tips from the Net @ Scarpetta
Johankat Nielsen en
Great Italian food at very fair prices. The servers are very sweet and helpful. Definitely a visit worthy GooglePlace - May 2017
Anders H Thrane en
During dining week. It wasn't amazing. It was a five dish menu and the dishes varied a lot in quality. Can't blame them though, it was very busy GooglePlace - February 2017
Howard Wright en
Fabulous food. Quite small but cosy place, everything on the menu is a starter-size dish, so you choose a few dishes (they suggest 3-5, I was happy with 4 including dessert, my wife was full with 2). Tortelloni with mushroom, Jerusalem artichoke and broth was divine, small pizza with goats cheese spinach and guanciale also excellent, veal brisket saltimbocca superb. Dessert good though not as impressive as the savoury courses. Good friendly service, only small negatives are that some tables are a bit tightly packed, and place was a bit too hot. But can't really fault the food or service. Prices higher than average (70-100 kroner per dish) but good value for food of this quality. GooglePlace - December 2016
Daniel Widen en
The menu says that one person should order at least 3 small dishes. Depending on what you order 2 will be enough. The Risotto was THE BEST RISOTTO ive ever eaten - 5 stars on that one! Then i ordered 2 pizzas, which for me was kind of a dissapointment since the other dishes were so creative and looked so good. The pizza was ok, but dont come here for the Pizza. Youll love the other dishes! Service was above average but at our visit kinda slow. You go here to stay for some hours and when your not in a hurry. GooglePlace - December 2016
Eva Km en
This is my second time dining in Scarpetta, the first being on the one at Islands Brygge and I'm still happy with the experience. To be fair, it's not a traditional Italian place, more of modern fusion with Scandinavian twist if I allow myself to use the fancy word, but that doesn't make it any less delicious. Although I still dream about my Italian dinner at a nice restaurant in Parma (and nothing comes remotely close yet), I find Scarpetta is good enough place to indulge your Italian cravings. The location is on Rantzausgade, which is just a couple of minutes walk from Forum Metro st that benefits me greatly (as I'm usually too impatient to take bus and I have no bikes) in contrast to the other Scarpetta at Islands Brygge that is a bit far too reach if you don't have a bike. The service was great and always with a smile. They were good with timing between the dishes since we ordered the five-course meal. The food - Mina K and I both ordered the five course since it has to be ordered by the whole table. I have no regrets, they were delicious! The starter was white asparagus with shrimps, banca caugna, lemon and herbs that were fresh and perfect to line up your stomach for the upcoming soup. The second course - the lobster soup was probably not quite instagramable (hence the lack of picture) but they were delicious all the same. Then the third course - the pasta (cavatelli), peas, salsiccia, lovage and parmesan was out and that was my favourite. I'm always a fan of pasta and salsiccia (shoot me, but I do love my sausages!) so combined together, this dish went straight to my stomach (and heart, for that matter). The fourth course - prosciutto fresco, parsley creme and burnt onion was supposed to be the "main course" (although all four courses were relatively starter size) and like Mina K, I was surprised to see that it was more of pork belly than cured meat, but hey - meat! no complaint from me. The meat however tasty was a bit too salty and too much on the fatty side, perhaps a few more seconds on the pan would do wonder! ....and so came the dessert - rhubarb mousse, strawberry sorbet and white chocolate crumble. A little disclaimer - I love anything rhubarb, so they couldn't really mess up on the last dish for me. I'm pretty much sold and was aware on how full I had become (I used to be a very big eater and still had hard time to believe that five starter meal would make me full, but hey - I've grown older and wiser!) The only reason I didn't give this place five star was the too-salty prosciutto and the fact that they charge tap water (25 DKK) although GooglePlace - November 2016