Cloud 59 / Firenze

Via de' Ginori 59/R Firenze 50129
+39 344 137 3187
Opening Hours
Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 11:30 - 16:00
Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 18:00 - 23:30
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Chris Chen en
Amazing burger. Foursquare - January 2018
ciara cassidy en
Was feeling a bit over pizza and pasta. Was so happy to stumble across this place! Such good burgers and good prices. My partner loved his burger and I got a vegetarian paddy and was also very impressed. Would definitely recommend! GooglePlace - November 2017
Megan Rogers en
We got there at 8:30 at night a little later than normal for dinner but the place wasn't that crowded. First they told us that tap water of any kind was not available (how do you wash your dishes then?). Maybe that's an American thing but I was forced to buy a Sprite just to have something. We ordered our meal, two burgers and a side of medium fries, not that complicated, at 8:40. We did not receive our food until 10:00 pm. Apparently they were short staffed in the kitchen and the owner was helping out the one chef at the restaurant. Which is fine, sometimes people call in its a fluke thing I understand. But they did not tell people this until after they ordered their food, so as to get as many customers as possible. This bothered me just be up front about your difficulties and the people that will understand will wait. Don't force non-patient customers to be patrons at your restaurant. And they did not compensate any part of the meal for the wait time. It was an hour and a half for two burgers and a side of fries! Also after we finally finished our meal (which was above average but again terrible service) we then had to walk to the cash register, remember and tell the teller our exact order as he used a calculator and then told us our total, again not compensated in the slightest. They didn't even give us a receipt. Why didn't the waiter write down our order and hand it to the teller? Somehow it was our responsibility, as the customers, to list out our meal. That is not our jobs. And again they gave us expectant looks when giving change, side glancing the tip jar. And you know what? I caved. I gave them a tip and I regret it. Some places in Italy have the gratuity built into the total so tipping is redundant. But I didn't know if this restaurant operated that way because they didn't give us a receipt. I feel like that's illegal. I should't have tipped for bad service, no compensation, withholding information, refusing water, and making the customers do the waiters job. But yeah sure the burgers are above average. Just don't think it was worth it. GooglePlace - October 2017
Mark Glasbey en
Great relaxed feel and the food was amazing! There was such a selection of burgers here, even vegetarian options if required. Would highly recommend as a change to pizza and pasta. Just a shame we went there on our last night. A visit to Cloud 59 is a must of you love burgers. GooglePlace - September 2017
Deb Maxwell en
We loved this place. Needing a break from Pasta and Pizza and happened upon this place. How often do we wish our burger we order would just look like the picture they show on a commercial or menu? Well Alex (the owner and great guy we discovered) has a picture of a very enticing, mouthwatering burger in the window of his restaurant. Our hamburger came and it looked every bit as enticing and mouthwatering as that picture in the window, and even tasted out of this world delicious!!!! We couldn't have been happier with our choice in restaurants for lunch today. Alex even put on some Denver Bronco highlights from Monday nights game for us. Very welcoming, wonderful place. Can't say enough good things about this awesome hamburger joint. Give it a try you won't regret it!!!! Whoa..... I forgot a very important piece her; very reasonable prices GooglePlace - September 2017