Gusta Pizza / Firenze

Via Maggio 46r Sdrucciolo dei Pitti Firenze 50125
Opening Hours
Sun, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 11:30 - 15:30


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Tips from the Net @ Gusta Pizza
Cassidy DiAgostino en
AMAZING and DELICIOUS, the best place to get pizza in Florence. It is about 5 euros for a personal pizza, and you are always satisfied after finishing it. They have about 7 types of pizza to choose from, the simplicity of them is delicious and you can see what a craft it is for them to create these pizzas. AN ABSOLUTE MUST if you visit Florence, you can not come to Florence and not go to Gusta Pizza GooglePlace - December 2017
Melike Nur Aksu en
This place is where i had one of the best pizzas I’ve ever had. It’s always crowded but the service is so fast so the wait is not that long. They take your order while you are on the queue and give you a number and when they call your number you pick up your pizza and eat. You’ll devour it as quickly as possible (that’s why the queue moves quickly) and leave, this is not a place to have your drink and hang out all night long. Also, for my Instagrammer friends out there, you may request your pizza to be shaped as a heart and it really looks like a heart when you pick it up 💙 you’re welcome 😊 GooglePlace - November 2017
Letty Rodriguez en
Outstandingly friendly and fast service! If you get there early enough and catch a table for dine in, you'll enjoy the experience SO much more. You can sit and eat while watching the staff cook pizzas right in front of your eyes! You can see the oven and the log fire inside. And to be honest, the flavor of my pizza was soooooo spot-on. It was blissfully seasoned and all I could ask for! They're definitely more of a local food place but I think tourists are catching on to this place. Nevertheless, as of now they've still continued to maintain their affordable prices. The cheapest one is 5€ and the most expensive 9€. It's overall all a completely different flavor; one you cannot get in the States for sure! Oh, by the way, if you ask nicely, they'll shape your pizza into a heart ❤️ GooglePlace - October 2017
Mathilde Riber en
Really good pizza. The dough was thick and delicious and you could taste that they use fresh ingredients. The service was quick and easy. All over a great experience 🙌🏻😋 GooglePlace - October 2017
Neus Domingo en
Expect a queue foe take away pizza (and for eating there as well), but they are super fast, so won't take long. If you want to get a table, be there when they open. Great great GREAT dough!! And simple and good toppings. Really worth it!! :) GooglePlace - October 2017