La Cucina Del Garga / Firenze

Via San Zanobi, 33/r Via Guelfa Firenze 50129
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Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 19:30 - 22:30

Da Via del Moro a Via San Zanobi il ristorante è un altro ma l'Amore e la Passione sono gli stessi che Mamma Sharon e il Babbo Giuliano hanno trasmesso per piu’ di 30 anni a tutti i loro affezionati clienti .Con in cucina il figlio Alessandro, reduce da una esperienza di 8 anni come Chef a New York City, la storia del Garga ricomincia dal quartiere di San Lorenzo per continuare cosi’ una tradizione familiare ormai vero punto di riferimento per il Cibo e per l’Arte a Firenze. Il locale, esattamente come una Galleria d’Arte, vuole inoltre offrire la possibilita’ agli Artisti che espongono le loro opere di farsi conoscere, e dare cosi’ ai clienti anche l’opportunita’ di arricchire le proprie Collezioni private. “La Cucina del Garga” arrives in Florence with Alessandro Gargani’s return after 8 years of experience as an Executive Chef in New York City. Alessandro decides to return to his native town where his parents Sharon and Giuliano instilled in him their passion for Food and Art, to continue the Family Tradition born at the Trattoria in Via del Moro and now transferred here in San Zanobi. The restaurant wants to be also an Art Gallery where local Artists have the opportunity to show their work and where costumers can purchase paintings and drawings to enrich their own Private Collections.

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La Cucina del Garga
La Cucina del Garga Garga is one of Florence's great culinary legends. La Cucina, a contemporary reincarnation of the original Garga, is the newbie kitchen of... ... continue Lonely Planet
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Valérie Carlotti en
Very disappointing! No spirit, very long service, only foreigners... To avoid! Food is good but that is far from being enough to enjoy a restaurant. There is no atmosphere and you feel more in the USA than in Florence. GooglePlace - September 2017
THE !BEST! CHEESECAKE WE'VE EVER TASTED GooglePlace - September 2017
hania albraikan en
Best service in Florence,burrata, tomato soup, spaghetti and fried black cod is our order,every thing was just perfect,and don't miss the cheese cake 🍰 Foursquare - July 2017
Hind en
Lovely restaurant, friendly staff, the food is delicious. Don't miss the burata, spaghetti and the fried black cod. The cheesecake is the best 👌🏻 Foursquare - July 2017
Sean Sussman en
Tourist Trap. Cucina Del Garga...more like Cucina Del Garbage. Do not make the mistake of wasting a meal here. If you want authentic Italian this is not the place to go. They try to put a modern spin on American-Italian dishes, but ultimately fail. The complementary prosecco and polenta appetizer dishes are decent, but the main courses lacked in flavor and authenticity. The service was unorganized and slow and the waiters were not very welcoming. They didn't know the dishes or wine selections very well. One had told us he didn't drink so he didn't know the wine flavors well and that is a poor excuse. Waiters should be educated on the drinks and meals that are served. The icing on the cake was ragú sauce with the pasta my girlfriend ordered was undercooked and red-pink in color. It was raw. We spoke with the chef Alessandro and he vehemently denied this (stating it was cooked for 2 hours) and did not offer us anything in terms of reparation for this poor dish. Another chef who we met on the trip told us it needs to be cooked for 4 hours and browned completely through. My dish was ok, fettuccine with cream sauce with orange zest and mint. Strange dish but tasted okay. Do not fall for this tourist trap! It was all tourists eating her and locals had never heard of it when we asked them. If you want more American style cuisine go here but this was most certainly not authentic Italian. I would never go back and highly recommend that tourists look elsewhere!!! GooglePlace - June 2017