Panini Toscani / Firenze

Piazza Del Duomo 34/R Firenze 50122
Opening Hours
Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri, Sat 11:00 - 18:00

Panini Toscani is a paninoteca (sandwich shop) offering high quality traditional Tuscan products in the shade of Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral, the "Duomo di Firenze". The venue, with fourteenth-century vaulted ceilings and columns, is located in an ancient horse stable: a genuine corner of medieval Florence. In our paninoteca you can assemble your panino (sandwich, or, literally translated: "little bread"), choosing among several varieties of bread (like, for example, Tuscan bread, Tuscan flatbread, with olives, with walnuts...) and a few typical Tuscan cold cuts and cheeses, not to mention a selection of vegetables, which you can also make your vegetarian sandwich from. We'll help you choose the ingredients for your best-of-class panino by making you taste our cured meats and cheeses and explaining quality and virtues of each and every product. You will be able to pair your panino with a good glass of Tuscan wine, while inside our shop or sitting at the tables outside, in the magnificent sight of the Duomo. It is of the utmost importance, for us, to offer high quality products and freshly baked bread. In very crowded days, like in the weekends, it may happen that we run out of bread before closing time: we apologize for the inconvenience in case of such unfortunate circumstance. You can eat your panino at your ease sitting at our tables. We just kindly ask you to leave your seat for other guests when you are finished. And, if you have tried our authentic Tuscan panini, and you have liked them... please, leave here your review! Dear customers, Panini Toscani is very keen to thank all of you for your daily wonderful comments and thanks to those, we are very proud to keep offering you the best of Tuscany food flavour. Our mainly aim is offering the quality of the street food and drinks, considering that is the best way to show how the food and drinks could be a pleasure for the human being. We are daily committed in keeping the range between quality and price of our products as high as possible, but unfortunately we are in front of a choice: lowering down the quality or raising a bit the price of it... so consequently our decision goes for the second choice because we believe in the quality of our food and drinks. We again thank you all for your understanding. Panini Toscani

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Pedro Bras en
Highly recommended. It’s an experience where you go inside first, experience the cheeses and hams and then they provide you a sandwich with three toppings. Amazing food and staff, really worth the wait GooglePlace - April 2018
Vahid Khorsandian en
Worth the wait!!! Really cool experience where you get to try different cheeses and meats. Best Panini I’ve ever had. Highly recommend. GooglePlace - April 2018
Emma Qingnan Zhang en
Definitely worth the waiting. Excellent taste. Free bread for the hungry impatient kids. GooglePlace - April 2018
Maresa Fv es
Vale cada segundo que esperas en la fila: la atención inigualable, los sabores exquisitos, ingredientes excelentes. Foursquare - March 2018
Erica Johnson en
This was the best sandwich I have ever had! I visited here about a year ago and just looked it up again to recommend to a friend who is visiting Florence. 100% agree with the other comments. GooglePlace - March 2018