Yagura / Firenze

Via Pisana, 16r Firenze 50143
+39 055 223145
Opening Hours
Sun, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 12:00 - 15:00
Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 19:30 - 23:30
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Tips from the Net @ Yagura
roohi anbari en
Perfect and fresh nigiris , both salmons and tunas are delicious and they are way better than most of the sushi places in Florence GooglePlace - March 2017
Juliette Hettema en
Was actually going to go to ViaVia across the road, but went here instead, not sure why. I was already hesitant but was keen to have some fish/lighter dishes. I really should have taken a picture of the"thin teppanyaki steak" for €12, that was one tiny slice of meat, very very small. The okonomiyaki was super tiny and if you are used to the real thing, it doesn't even come close. We had to remind staff 3x that we ordered cold sake (which was tasty at least) and it arrived right after finishing our last dish. Tempura was ok, and surprisingly the only good value food here is the sashimi since you get 9 slices for each portion. Still would not recommend since it ended up being quite a pricey outing. I've had Japanese food in Tenerife, London, Japan and the Netherlands, if you have high expectations don't go here and don't let the Google rating confuse you. GooglePlace - March 2017
Mark Petty en
Food is tasty and the sashimi portion was generous for the money, however everything else was too small for the price and the size of the beef teppenyaki portion was beyond a joke, it was barely more than a mouthful. Sake was tasty and service was fine. GooglePlace - March 2017
Alberto Giovannetti en
Ottimo sushi con la formula you can eat GooglePlace - January 2017
Nikki Chau en
This place might be ok for meat eaters, but not vegetarians. You can't do the €22 all you can eat for vegetarian food. You order à la cart and get teeny tiny portions which are crazy expensive to the point of extortion. For example: veggie tempura, €10 for 8 tiny pieces; vegetable udon, €7 for like 6 bites. Like Zoolander would say, "What is this, Japanese food for ants"? Our bill was €50 for two, no drinks, just fizzy water. We left hungry. We wouldn't have minded paying 50 euros if the food was delicious. It's not. The fried udon was salty to the point of inedible. We had to send it back, this was after asking if we could have half the salt when we ordered. The vegetable fried rice was 80% rice, 15% salt, and 5% the tiniest pieces of carrots you'll see in your life. The food is quite middle of the road mediocre, the kind you'd get at a supermarket deli. GooglePlace - November 2016