Sette Sapori / Lido di Jesolo

Via Bafile 437 Lido di Jesolo 30016
+39 0421 370684
average 319 votes
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Lars de Willigen en
Please watch our for foodpoisoning! I've been sick for 3 days... GooglePlace - October 2017
Alex Bihori en
High class servings and staff. GooglePlace - August 2017
Natasa Vujanic en
Excellent cuisine,large portions,polite and cheerful staff,pleasant atmosphere,great choice of perfect Italian dishes.Worth visiting. GooglePlace - August 2017
Arina Tem en
Let's start with the staff. In general, the waiters are friendly, however there are a couple that complete ruin the experience and kill the mood for the evening. Firstly, when my family with a little child came in the restaurant, they were very unpleased for an odd reason, showed how much our presence bothered them and we had to wait for the menu for 10 minutes, just to be noticed. Secondly, after we have ordered, they misunderstood warm and cold water for the baby, thus after my request to change it they threw the bottle on the table with an extremely unhappy face. Lastly, when I asked to bring a card terminal for the bill, they did not even bother to come close to the table and gestured inappropriately as an answer to my request. Thus, the mood for the evening was not ruined, however, if you want to have a nice evening, do not go there. Most importantly the food, we have ordered Spaghetti Carbonara, Ceaser Salad and baby pasta. Both pastas were super salty impossible to eat and overcooked. The salad came in a big bawl with chicken breast and tons of salad leaves with no sauce at all. (by no sauce, I mean no sauce) The food is drastically overpriced, for three meals and a bottle of water, we have paid 55.3 euros, which is not worth a cent. Reconsider this place if you ever decide to visit it. GooglePlace - July 2017
Nicholas Teichert en
Delicious. Good service. Very italian. GooglePlace - September 2015