Daniel & Denise Créqui / Lyon

156 rue de Créqui Lyon 69003
Opening Hours
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri 12:00 - 14:00
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Emrah Ucare en
Wow that was really nice :) Foursquare - March 2018
Anna Lamanova en
Nice place with local food GooglePlace - February 2018
Desiree Miller-McCaughey en
Very disappointed. Did the tasting menu with a group of 5. The service was incredibly slow and left us with far too much time between courses and at points we couldn't even find a staff to get their attention. Also, the meals that came were very inconsistent between all the plates for any course. I don't recommend. Don't waste your time and money. GooglePlace - November 2017
Richard Smittenaar en
Friendly service, charming place (though emptying a bit at the time of our 9:30pm reservation), but the food is mostly nothing special. Wouldn't go here again, I'm afraid. We had two starters, two mains, and a bit of wine, which filled us up nicely (at 80 euros for two). We initially thought to get the set menu (35 euro each), but some of the more interesting dishes were not among the options. We both felt that the pate, which gets very good reviews, was just fine. We've been in France three weeks and have had better several times from high-end butchers. The sweetbread starter was the best dish of the bunch, the only one where the quality of the cooking really made it more than the sum of its parts, with the sauce pairing very well with the sweetbread. The pike quinelle was a bit boring. First you taste very little, then a bit of pike at the end. Sauce didn't add anything. A grilled piece of pike sounds like a much better option to me. The spare rib wasn't an inspired choice, really. Again the sauce didn't really do anything for the dish, tasty but eminently forgettable. (Wishing I'd gotten the liver instead, but I can only cope with a full plate of liver if it's very well prepared, so I chickened out.) The house white was not very pleasant, but cheap, so fair enough. Overall, the sweetbread dish is the only one I happily paid for -- the others I'd rather take the money, but the relevant ingredient, and bung it up myself, would enjoy it at least as much. GooglePlace - August 2017
Nels Wadycki en
I feel like this is one of those places that used to be very good and as a result got a lot of high ratings on TripAdvisor (and other sites), but then people started showing up in mass quantities because of the reviews and so the restaurant has had to produce mass quantities of food and as a result the quality is suffering. The poached egg was excellent, but the fish was quite rubbery and the accompanying side dishes (fried potatoes, macaroni and cheese, bread, etc.) were all very mediocre. In France, I expect these things to be above average (at least above the American average) simply because I'm in France. At a place that has a rating of 4 with 700 reviews, I expect them to be outstanding. In addition the merely average food, the service was strange. There were only 3 people serving the restaurant, which should have been enough but they all seemed to be a little confused as to who they should be serving and when. It was disjointed and ended up taking longer than it should have (and I know that in France they like to let you take your time - this was not that). Finally, the prices were way too high for the quality of the food, and the wine got for 20 euros for a half bottle was, again, mediocre. In a foodie haven like Lyon, I have found many better options. GooglePlace - July 2017