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Via Tommaso Marino Ragazzi Del '99 Milano 20121
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Alex Haas en
After strolling around the Duomo and the Galleria we looked for some lunch. We spotted this place - still having one of the few tables outside available (there's plenty of tables inside). Happy to have found a spot for lunch we ordered some drinks soon. Beer, a glass of red wine and some water. Service was pretty quick, but looked quite stressed / under pressure. We didn't check the reviews before coming here....maybe should have. Soon after we decided on the food: A Peperoni Pizza, Pasta with Speck and peas, Pasta with Porcini Mushrooms and Seafood Spaghetti. We just came back from a 5-week Road Trip in Italy and we've been spoilt with fantastic food and wonderful hosts. So let's see how this - touristy - place will hold up. And for the quick reader: Not too well! The Pizza was very basic. And there were really only about 4-5 very thin stripes (not slices) of Salami on it! A joke! The Pasta with Speck and peas never arrived....but got another pasta with Porcini instead. Happens, but not impressive. The Pasta with Porcini (which I actually ordered) were ok. Mushrooms tasted fine, pasta a bit overcooked. Seafood Spaghetti were pretty decent, tasted fresh enough. So, two meals ok so far, one wrong order and a pizza to forget. We didn't stay long yet, about 30mins when the service kept showing up every 2-3min. Asking if it all was ok and if we are finished yet. Well, some of our party-of-four clearly weren't. Leave us alone pls. This kept going on for about 10-15mins. Then a bald guy, probably the manager / host showed up. Asking us if we are finished yet. Still eating buddy....and he came back yet again, asking the same questions. We really felt pushed. Clearly they wanted us to leave, so they can serve the oh-so average food to some other lucky customers. Maybe they should put up a sign which says: Time-Limit 30 minutes! The food was barely ok, but edible. But together with the not-at-all Italian hospitality this place is best to be avoided. On our Road Trip we've had so many wonderful and concerning locals. But this here is so touristy...forget about it. The only other plus-point are the quite fair prices. GooglePlace - November 2017
wong ngiewu en
Food are fine n acceptable, however the order taker is seen very impatient. GooglePlace - October 2017
Lluc Maxim en
Good food, I go two time and the two times The food was good, te tarter is really nice GooglePlace - September 2017
Berke Öznalbant en
Restaurant is in a good place but service is a disaster. First we were moved from our table because we were 2 people. We sat near a table with 2 people. We ordered and got the wrong orders because they confused the tables. They didn't even apologise and we had to eat wrong orders. When we asked the bill they gave us a bill with one extra coffee. We told them it is the wrong bill, this time they gave us the next table's bill. It was total disaster. And, we had to pay for service fee because it was included in the bill. Waiters can't even speak English, I wouldn't recommend this place at all. GooglePlace - September 2017
Richard Kittler en
It was a freaking joke. We were seated near some antimosquito device and we were breathing it the whole time we were there, boy it was a serious stench. The waiter didn't speak English. We asked for a mineral water with a gas (sparkling), he was like sure, sure and he brought a classic table water. I didn't say anything, I thought maybe he just overheard me. Then we ordered. My girlfriend told him she would like to have ribs. She showed him on a menu card which meal she meant just to be sure. I ordered spaghetti bolognese. After a while he came and gave us our meals. I got my spaghetti bolognese and my girlfriend, well she recieved some plate of mixed meat with sausages...I mean sausages, that is pretty far from ribs... But we were like, ok we try it. Sausages were sweet, meat was veiny and fat and it was all quite disgusting. When we asked the waiter if he can bring us ribs and not this joke, he was like no its not possible, only if we pay for everything. My spaghetti bolognese, well 2/10. Thank you very much. Definitely wouldn't recommend. GooglePlace - July 2017