Koudou / Nice

28 promenade des Anglais Nice 06000
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Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 12:00 - 14:30
Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 19:00 - 22:30
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Tips from the Net @ Koudou
TC Emek Kocaturk en
Sea bass in salt was delicious and the location and the sea view! Foursquare - April 2018
Anna G en
Staff was friendly and nice. We had the salted crust sea bass which was delicious. GooglePlace - March 2018
Romana Přikrylová en
Very nice people, absolutely delicious meals GooglePlace - March 2018
Rico Susanto en
The food at Koudou is decent, quite tasty actually. But the service is horrendous. Really bad. 1. My friends and I was having dinner there last night. We were on our first course sharing a seafood platter. A waitress to our table approached from the back, hand streched and reached for a small spoon from my setting. When she did that, her hand was actually between my face and the plate I am eating from. And then she took another spoon from my friend's setting sitting beside me. No pardon, no excusez moi, no word whatsoever. 2. She then took the two spoons and gave them to a couple sitting two tables from us who are having their dessert. Unaware, they immediately use those spoons. *For the peace of mind of anyone reading this, we have not use the spoons yet 3. I called the waitress to our table and confronted her in private where she nonchalantly - and perhaps with a snobbish attitude - said that she does not speak English. This was after I explained that it was not okay for her to reach for our utensils while we are eating, without saying a word and gave them to other patrons to use as if those are clean utensils. My friend and I told her that at the very least, she should check whether we have used our spoons (ie. For scooping out oyster, for the squeezed lime juice for our oyster, or anything you can imagine using a spoon for). 4. Not having any luck conveying my message to her, I spoke to the supervisor/manager. Again at our table. And this is where it got worse. After explaining to her what just happened, she - and I still can't believe she said this - said that it is a French thing. My friends and I were in disbelief. She explained that in France they don't use spoons until the last course. Errrr.... Granted that we are not experts at formal table manners or French culture for that matters. But I still think it was not okay, what just happened. To us, it is a common sense. And so she said that the waitress is new here and she walked out from our conversation. 5. We had our main course, whereupon the waitresses started to sweep the floors, moving tables around with clunking noises for the next round of guests. I personally don't think it is okay to do a major cleanup and sweeping the floors when other customer are still eating, at least not for a fine establishment such as this. We are not eating at a street side stalls. We made the best out of situation, talking, eating and where my friends were making a joke of whose food they will spit on. 6. Bartender was not friendly, grumpy even. 7. Then the dessert came out. I did not eat mine, as two of my friends. We checked out, no apology, no asking whether we like the foods or why we did not touch the dessert. As disclosure, aside from myself, my friends are elderly Asian couples. We are probably not the typical patrons of this restaurant. But still, not cool Koudou. A very disappointed guest GooglePlace - December 2017
Reza Sahabi en
Good seafood and steak Foursquare - September 2017