Neptune Plage / Nice

Promenade des Anglais Nice 06000
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Tips from the Net @ Neptune Plage
Jeanette Mayland en
Nice beach. Service isn't very attentive but very friendly once you get hold of them. Foursquare - July 2017
Gorkem Oz en
Very disappointing quality. Panini and cheese plate were not good. Also the service attendant was very sticky, which is a bit annoying for me. Foursquare - June 2016
Juande Teruel es
Trato excelente y dentro de los chitinguito sale hay en el paseo de los ingleses, de los más económicos. Foursquare - June 2016
Yousef Aldossary en
Nice food, service.. Awesome sea view Foursquare - October 2015
المهره الصعبه ماهي لأي خيال en
Best view of Nice. Loved the onion soup and their squid & rice dish. Very friendly staff and big portions good for sharing👍🏻 Foursquare - September 2015