Cafe Laundromat / Oslo

Underhaugsveien 2 Pilestredet Oslo 0354
Opening Hours
Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 07:00 - 00:10

Café Laundromat is a place in which friendly people from all walks of life can come together and share everything from a coffee and a meal to bright ideas and washing powder. Our guests will have the opportunity to sit in our cozy café while doing their laundry. We also have a library with a large selection of books, encyclopedias and comics, waiting to feed our guests’ hungry minds.

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Blogger Reviews @ Cafe Laundromat
Café Laundromat – Good, clean fun
Café Laundromat – Good, clean fun Image by Levent Ultanur The character of Café Laundromat depends on the time of day. During off-peak hours you’ll fit in perfectly behind your laptop for a light “day at the offic ... continue Oslo Spotted by Locals · Blog
Tips from the Net @ Cafe Laundromat
Laura Holewa en
The laundromat thing is kind of a gimmick. They have four small washers in the back. I paid 255 nok to do three small loads of laundry. When I asked for help, neither the bartender nor the waitress would take a minute to help me. In fact, they both claimed to not even know how the machines worked. They were both kind of rude. The bartender said he was from Australia and the waitress had long dreads, if you encounter these staff members you should keep in mind that they will be rude if they think that they can't make tip money from you. GooglePlace - September 2017
Kev Sampson en
great atmosphere, everyone happy. really really nice food, lovely burger with bacon and an egg inside which I ordered accidentally. staff were really friendly, happy, attentive and were brilliant in keeping us topped up. GooglePlace - September 2017
Knut Vonheim en
Great all day service. Good diner food. Laundry machines in the back. You eat, drink and read while waiting for the laundry machines to complete GooglePlace - September 2017
Avril Chow en
What a great idea! Eat/drink whilst you wait for your laundry to be done. Staff are very friendly and helpful. Trams #17 & #18 from the city centre stop pretty much right outside. I had a fab burger! Four washers and two dryers - they have detergent on site for 15 nok as well. (You need 10 nok coins) Wish all cities had something like this! GooglePlace - July 2017
Simon Grønborg en
Great burgers and great pizzas, served in a raw bar/library kind of atmosphere. The service here is pretty standard for a restaurant, but they are quite nice. The drinks are pretty expensive though GooglePlace - April 2017