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Karl Johans Gate 17 Oslo 0159
Opening Hours
Sun 12:00 - 00:10
Mon, Tue 11:00 - 00:10
Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 11:00 - 00:30
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Marcus Lauritsen en
Good burger, quality bacon. Though a bit boring and overpriced. Great location, and a nice spot to watch sports. Californian waitress was very friendly. Decent beer selection, they have blonde and wheat beers, and also some 7%+ beers which is nice. GooglePlace - July 2017
shelli c en
A miserable experience. This review is a warning to other non-Norwegians, or perhaps, just other Americans. My mother and I ended up here after I gave in on her dinner preferences (a Norwegian restaurant NOT on Karl Johans looked like a better choice to me - Stortorvets Gjaestgiveri). Big mistake. The food - what was served of it - was average. Enough on that. As for the service, the curly haired woman behind the bar shifted her smile into a scowl as soon as we opened our mouths. She was rude about giving us menus, rude about where we were sitting (we told her there was an empty table outside we were hoping to sit at if it wasn’t taken, but she needed confirmation for some reason before taking our orders), and even rude during the payment process. The tables outside are sandwiched too close together and even the waiters struggled to squeeze between people. One dish was never served and no one came to check on us (perhaps because of the cramped layout?). After flagging people twice to ask about the status of our missing dish, we went back inside and were given the same spiel from the rude bartender. Three times we asked about our food and three times we were dismissed. It felt like an ugly game. We asked for a refund of the unserved dish and left. Never received an apology for taking our money and refusing to bring what we ordered. My mother suspected the staff took issue with us being American and I think she is quite possibly correct. I realize our country is going through hell at the moment and perhaps others feel like piling on. But, if you work in the service industry, maybe your ire is best directed on personal time. Dining here was a special kind of indignity I wouldn’t wish on most people. I would caution other Americans to pass on this place and try one of Oslo’s many other restaurants or bars instead. GooglePlace - July 2017
Patrik Lord en
Very touristy, but with a good selection of drinks. Nice place to sit outside and watch people on Oslos biggest shopping street. GooglePlace - June 2017
Andreas Wernersson en
It was nice live music and pretty crowded but not too much people. The bar is very central since it's in the middle of Karl Johans gate so it's easy to find. GooglePlace - May 2017
Baraquel Managdag en
Good place and free taste of beer (if you are not sure which one to buy). Friendly staff but expensive drinks! GooglePlace - May 2017