Trancher Entrecôte / Oslo

Thorvald Meyers gate 78 Oslo 0550
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Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 16:00 - 23:00

Velkommen til Trancher Grünerløkka Thorvald Meyers Gate 78, 0550 Oslo +47 22 36 47 60 Frogner Frognerveien 12, 0263 Oslo +47 22 44 44 60

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Magnus Jensen en
Try to visit them when they have their dry aged beef. It is so good! GooglePlace - January 2018
Øivind Tobias Jorfald en
What happened to this place???!? I remember back when Tranchér on Grünerløkka first opened. The roumors for the world class steak was all over town. Me and some friends managed to book a table at this small cozy restaurant. The waiter introduced us to the concept. Only entrecôte on the menu, but cooked for 10-12 hours on 50 degrees and in many different phases. The beef came to the table and WOW! it was the single most awesome meat-experience I've ever had! This was steak beyond anything, you could practically cut it with a spoon. I recommended this place to everyone I knew and eventually took my girlfriend there. This time she shared my first experience. Yet again, amazing!! Third time things changed. We got some semi-chewey steak and since the waiter was so busy, we didnt manage to say anything. We ate up as we were hungry as hell, and it was mediocre, but was not satisfied. When the waiter came to clean up, he finally asked us how the food was, to which I discretely said that it was not as tender as last time. He was suddenly furious at me, and told me that I could definitively not get any money back or anything. I was pretty surprised by his reaction, and said that to get anything for free was not my intention, I just wanted to point out the small dissapointment compared to the other times I've been there. Some minutes later we fetch our jackets, and the man clearly understood his mistake, because he started smiling and asking if we were good and shaking my hand. I silently nodded and left, saying to my girlfriend as we exited, that this was the last time I visited this place. Now, one year or so later, we decided to try the Tranchér at Aker Brygge. Since my girlfriend's brother was in town, and he really likes steak, we figured we could give this a last try. Maybe this other place could give us the amazing experience we once had in the past. Let me jump right to it: NOPE! One of the most chewey steaks I've had in Oslo, ever. Seriously??? I can by just looking at the steak I got, see that it's not cooked for long and with care. This had a completely different color than the first times. It was really bloody and raw and the fat was hard and not eatable. I also got some tendon in there and it was generelly a bad experience. I tasted my girlfriend's beef which was exactly the same. When the waiter came, I nicely pointed out that it's really not like it was before. He was a nice guy, and asked me if I wanted a new piece, but I refused as I saw the quality of this meat for all of us, and would have gotten the same once more. Tranchér, I want to thank you for the two most awesome entrecôte steaks I've ever had, but not for the mediocre one and the one really bad... I wkll never return and I will never recommend this place to a single person again. Actually, I'm sorry, but I will recommend against going there.. My advice: go back to your old concept and stick to it. It was exceptional. GooglePlace - January 2018
Ulrik Stihøj en
Best place for a nice piece of meat in Oslo. Very friendly staff, cosy atmosphere, and tasty food with great quality GooglePlace - January 2018
Dag-Erling Smørgrav en
Excellent food, friendly staff. The downside is that the restaurant is cramped and slightly run-down. GooglePlace - December 2017
Svein Erik Hansen en
Fantastic food. As the name says it Entrecôte. Very cozy restaurant, very good service and good drinks GooglePlace - December 2017