Zaffran Restauranten / Oslo

Ostethaus Gate 13 Oslo 0183
+47 400 87 077
Opening Hours
Sun, Sat 13:00 - 22:00
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri 12:00 - 22:00
# 544 of 600 Restaurants in Oslo
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Behrooz E en
A restaurant with delicious food, good service and reasonable price. I will recommend this restaurant. Don't miss the Zafran ice cream ;) Foursquare - May 2017
Edgar Engø en
The food is good enough for being persien cuisine, even though I find persian cuisine quite dull. However it feels dirty with paper floating around in the bathroom, water all over near the toilet (as persians wash themself after poo poo). Plates and glasses felt not really that clean, and those things freaks me out and that is why the low score. GooglePlace - August 2016
Hamid Asgari en
Decent Iranian food with decent prices! GooglePlace - July 2016
Greg Díaz en
Their Kebab is nice, tender meat, good flavor, but extremely overpriced. 220 for Kebab is absurd! Specially when there are so many other good options in the city! Foursquare - April 2016
Alireza seyed Shojaadini en
This is not a Persian restaurant this is a pizzaria with Persian food looked alike!! The quality is OK for it to be a pizzaria run by Arabs and Turkish people. But autentec Iranian food , well you would get hanged if you served this food in Iran. Prices are very low compered to a restaurant, but than this is not a restaurant it's a as the say in Norway " gatekjøkken". I came here becouse of rating 4.5. Now I see that this can not be taken seriously, most of the ratings is based on the low price. The decoration is also very high end, not! There are 3 different setts of tables and chairs. One type is from a Chinese restaurant with Chinese motives. The other type is from a beef restaurant having markings of a longhorn on the back of the chairs. And the 3. Type is more nutral design. Honestly there is one young guy working there which is the best ting in the hole place. I tried several menus to be sure before inviting my work colleagues for a Iranian food experience. Kashke bademjoon, seamed dry and left over from yesterday or the day before. Parts of it has turned black. Minimal with kashk, had to ask for some more to make it look like kashbademjoon. The rise was wet and mushi and total lack of salt. More like "kate" than "chelo". Lam was not any good at all, totally ruind with, no taste and very tough meet, chuewe! Kobideh, not any better. The chicken or " jojeh" I hade one bite and desided to leave it on the plate. There is no WiFi. Conclusion: if you have never been to Iran or LA or any other good Iranian restaurant you would probably like the food, but if you are a Iranian looking for a Iranian gastromical experience well this is not the place. The toilet seat is broken the sink is dirty and the babe care area in the rest room is dirty. Again this only one guy who actually speaks Farsi is such a lovely person that I will not complain but only leave this review. GooglePlace - March 2016