Le Jules Verne / Paris

Tour Eiffel Deuxième étage Paris 75007
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Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 12:00 - 13:30

Au déjeuner, pique nique chic autour d'une restauration rapide et inspirée servie au comptoir. Composez vous même votre déjeuner et emportez le à table dans un panier. Au dîner, la brasserie la plus en vue de Paris. Une hôtesse vous accueille et vous accompagne jusqu'à votre table, un décor ultra contemporain et une carte qui joue le classique chic, servie à table...et une vue époustouflante.

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Irene Robinson en
Worth every euro/dollar! It was my first time eating french cuisine, and first fine dining experience. I was blown away by the amazing service. Felt like a celebrity! The food was...incredible. Most memorable part was that they remembered it was our wedding anniversary (mentioned it on the online booking months earlier, hoping to get window seats) and so they customised our dessert to celebrate it (candels and congratulatory messages). Lovely surprise! GooglePlace - March 2018
T. L. Williams en
I decided to check out the couple of the restaurants in the Eiffel Tower during a recent Christmas trip to Paris. When preparing to write this review, I almost got them mixed up in my mind but then remembered when looking at my receipts and pictures that this was the one of the two that was super expensive. The food at Le Jules Verne was tasty, but no where near as good as it should have been for what you pay. (This place is very expensive) Outside of the pricey menu, I must say that the service was great. The wait staff were very friendly and attentive, and of course the view of the city at that level of the Eiffel Tower was amazing. If you decide to have a meal here when visiting Paris, make sure you bring PLENTY of cash or your Amex Platinum card. GooglePlace - March 2018
Deric Soh en
What could be more iconic and memorable than dinning on top of the Eiffel Tower? It is not cheap (about US$200++ per person), let's be honest. But the food and service is top notch! Great views especially during dinner where you get a fabulous sunset and neon lights after dark, plus if you take their private lift, you won't have to jostle with every one else in the tower's public lift (saving a few bucks in the process). Pre-book through their website (like everything else in Paris), not sure if they take walk in diners. GooglePlace - February 2018
Kenny Bowen en
Acquired taste required!!!!! Presentation of the food was out of this world, but the taste and portions weren't for us. Especially at almost $600 for two people at lunch. The food looks amazing, I can't emphasize this enough. Service was good but their English isn't great. Skipping the line is a huge plus but you only get half way up. Well worth $150 but not $600. You will probably leave hungry. GooglePlace - February 2018
Nutharin Phusitphoykai en
We three enjoyed French dining food here very much. We had to reserve the table few months in advance. We had a nice table by the window. The service was professional. The food was great. They provided us the separated elevator to come up here. Also we could go up on the Eiffel tower after dinner to enjoy more views. GooglePlace - February 2018