Maison Blanche / Paris

21 rue de la Huchette Paris 75005
Opening Hours
Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 11:30 - 00:00
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Kelvin Samuel en
I'll start with the good. The food was cheap, and apparently the steak was ok. My mate had it, not me. Now on to the bad. The carbonara gave me food poisoning. I've never been so ill in my life. I spent a day running back and forth from the bathroom in a way I never want to experience again. Other than the carbonara, the food wasn't that great, very mediocre. The staff were awful. Halfway through taking our order, the waiter ran outside to try and entice someone else in to the restaurant. They spent the majority of the time getting people in to the restaurant rather than serving the people who were already inside. We had a 15 - 20 minute wait between courses. 25 mins after our mains and the plates were still on our table. We caught the eye of the waiter to take the plates away and order dessert and were told "hey, relax, it's Paris, take it easy, you're on holiday", which we thought was very rude. The table next to us ordered meat and asked for it to be cooked in a certain way, it arrived and it was not how they asked. The waiter took it away, then bought the same food back to them 1 minute later. Fair to say we won't be going back again. GooglePlace - February 2018
Vladimir Stantic en
They will sweat talk you to get in and then forget you exist. Bad service GooglePlace - February 2018
Nathalie H en
My group decided to eat here because the host insisted we check out the prix menu and assured me I'd have enough vegetarian options that weren't salad. 15€ for a starter, main course, and dessert. I was very skeptical, but my meal was great! I had the legume soup, which looked and tasted a lot like tomato soup, but was so delicious! I was almost full with just that and bread. The next course was the vegetarian plate, minus cheese and mushrooms. This plate was basically potatoes, corn and string beans. It wasn't anything amazing, but the seasoning on the potatoes was really good. For dessert I picked the creme brulee, which was 2€ extra. The flavor was very light. It wasn't bad, but wasn't something to brag about either. The server was nice, but did forget our dessert orders twice. We ordered everything at the beginning, which he admitted he didn't write down our dessert order. After ordering it for a second time, he forgot to bring out the creme brulee and handed us the bill after the rest of my group got their desserts. Otherwise service wasn't bad, the wait wasn't too long, and free WiFi was offered. Both floors of the place were very packed. The bathrooms are located on the bottom level, but there is 1 sink shared between the men's and women's stall. Only 1 toilet for each, and it's extremely cramped. The sink doesn't have any handles so it took me a while to realize there is a pedal on the floor to activate the water. I'd definitely come back here for the soup and just have that as a main meal. GooglePlace - December 2017
Lulu Millan es
Tenía que probar los Escargot .... Foursquare - December 2017
Lulu Millan es
Tenía que probar los Escargot .... Foursquare - December 2017