Restaurant 58 Tour Eiffel / Paris

Tour Eiffel Premier étage Paris 75007
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Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 11:30 - 16:30
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Jose Luis Guzman en
i just have a question is true than you have to wear a suit for dinner , or i just can wear a regular dress pant with a dress long sleeve shirt. GooglePlace - June 2017
sriramagirianagha en
I had an awesome experience here. I loved the French cusine,The popcorn soup was delicious and also the main course and dinner. And the view from the 1st level of the tower and bird's eye view from the monument's glass floor is breathtaking. Especially night view of the tower is superb when it's lit up with lights. GooglePlace - May 2017
Madison Simpson en
I haven't ever been but my mind has always been set on finding out how food in Paris tastes. I promised myself that i would never eat a macaroon until I figured out how they taste in the famous city of Romance. GooglePlace - May 2017
Rennie Schafer en
Took my 92 year old Great Grandfather here on his first trip outside Australia. The service was faultless, food was all great and of course the atmosphere is unique and incredible. We were fortunate enough to have dinner over sunset. Welcome drinks were offered on the house and we had a great table with sensational views. Sure you are paying above market rates but you are getting a once in a lifetime experience. My only grip was the price they charged for the photos they took of our family and they did not even offer a digital version. Other than this we thoroughly enjoyed the experience. As a bonus you get an express lift to the middle level of the tower and can explore the rest from there. GooglePlace - April 2017
Luciano Carvalho en
The food is delicious. The place, at the top of the Eiffel Tower, is spectacular. The service of the staff is cordial. However, I did not like the overall operation of the property. I think it's obvious that people are looking for this restaurant solely because it is in the Eiffel Tower and the view they will have of the city of Paris. Therefore, those who arrive first should be placed on the outermost tables, which are next to the window and gives the best views. But there were people who came after me and were put on tables with a view, while I stayed at an inner table. And this is even more serious when we consider that I had contacted the restaurant before, explaining that I would make the proposal to my girlfriend during the dinner and asked them to be placed in a special table. So they replied that this would not be possible. So I came in early to get a table next to the window, but it turns out that they were not interested in being kind and friendly, by offering the best view possible to us, considering this very special occasion. It is a very unpleasant situation considering a fair distribution of the tables to the costumers. In the end, we got engaged, we ate well and had a nice time, but this is only due to the fact that it is in the Eiffel Tower, because at the restaurant itself there is nothing special about it as expected. Anyway, I was not satisfied with the treatment given. It was frustrating. GooglePlace - January 2017