Cafe 80's / Praha

V Kolkovně Praha 11000
+420 725 991 924
Opening Hours
Sun, Tue 16:00 - 00:20
Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 16:00 - 00:40

Nově zrekonstruovaný Music Club & Café Restaurant v centru Prahy inspirovaný dobou 80. let. U nás se vrátíte v čase v rytmu největších hitů 80. let! V přízemí se nachází velký bar a café - restaurant, V suterénu je music club se světelnou podlahou, 2 bary, VIP loungem. Ty největší pecky osmdesátek vám pouští ti nej DJs.

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anonymous joe en
BEWARE!!! Shady Shady Shady! I am Czech and have always enjoyed coming to this restaurant when I visit Prague; however this night has me never coming back. I will also make it my mission to make sure others are aware of the terrible management and staff here. In a nutshell, I had the bartender watch my purse and coat while I used restroom. He agreed and said it was no problem to leave it on the bar. Maybe it was naive, but this is not the point, When I came back for it, I was told it was gone. I looked all over the club for it, when I finally found the purse, all of my cash was missing from it. Someone had even gone through and disconnected my charging cable (because it is a very expensive one) from the wall plug. My coat was gone. When I went to the manager and bartender about it, they just waived me off like I did not even exist. This is after I had spent a lot of money in there. I even showed them the receipt from the ATM where I had just taken out $300 a few hours before. They basically told me I had to leave and kicked me out of the club. They would not help me call the police even though they knew I had no way to contact them on my own. It was clearly an inside job. I finally did get a hold of the police (long story), who came and knocked on the door (while staff were within plain view partying inside) and would not open door. Here, the police have no right to break in when staff will not open. Now why do you think it is that they would not open the door when they saw me standing there with the police (if they had nothing to hide)? I have contacted the US Embassy because luckily I am a resident there also. They luckily have much more power than our local police here. How sad. It is not just the money and the fact that it is below zero at night and I have no winter coat now, but the disgusting nature of the staff (who were all male by the way) and how they could treat a lady like that...especially one of their own. By the way, they have security cameras everywhere that would have clearly shown who took my stuff, but refused to look at it. To this end, I will go after this bar until the people responsible are held accountable. This is unacceptable. GooglePlace - November 2017
Eelco Stuy en
Wow.. This place has a beautiful design. You'll see lots of references to movie and pop culture past.. The coloring is well thought out too. We were here on a Wednesday so it was not too busy but I can imagine a steamy Saturday night here! Staff is professional and friendly. I'll come back here one day GooglePlace - November 2017
Martin Eriksson en
Had a great time and the service were really good. The downstairs area with the dancefloor were compact but really enjoyable. Would recommend. GooglePlace - October 2017
Karen Srz en
It's decoration is amaaaazing. I loved what they did with the place but the service could be better. The waitress was really rude and unfriendly. GooglePlace - October 2017
karabeycs en
Normal prices, decent drink and staff. Good ambiance and music. Worth trying but expect to see whole lot of wild grannies/grandpas xD GooglePlace - August 2017