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Maltézské náměstí 537/4 Praha 118 00
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Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 12:00 - 00:00

Na jednom z nejkrásnějších míst Malé Strany, v těsné blízkosti Lennonovy zdi můžete najít rodinnou brasserii a bistro Cafe de Paris, kde lze v příjemném prostředí ochutnat specialitu podniku - Entrecote Cafe de Paris s omáčkou dle 75let staré, tajné receptury, domácími frity, listovým salátem a čerstvou bagetou, nebo jeho vegetariánskou variaci. Možnost posezení na zahrádce či v našich saloncích. ------------ A family-run brasserie Café de Paris is located on one of the most beautiful and inviting places of Prague Lesser Quarter. Both, the soothing environment and pleasant atmosphere of the brasserie will accentuate your enjoyment of our specialty Entrecote Café de Paris prepared according to a secret, 75-year-old recipe, served with homemade French fries, leaf salad and a crisp baguette. The specialty vegetarian version is also available. Sitting in the garden or in our lounges.

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Café de Paris
Café de Paris A little corner of France tucked away on a quiet square, the Café de Paris is straightforward and unpretentious. So is the menu – just a couple... ... continue Lonely Planet
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Mary Shaw en
Well the the food was good. But the service was largely appalling. The waitress didn't write down our order and we had a series of cockups throughout the evening which meant that we got staggered food and wrong plates. When we took issue with this the waitress hurled our wine into a wine cooler. We actually felt intimidated. Things got marginally better when another waiter stepped in and apologised, gave us a bottle of wine and a free dessert to share. But then we came to pay (4 of us and a bill of £130) and we were told that the restaurant didn't take cards. We booked two days earlier- in person- and weren't told this. The waiter apologised and pointed us at an ATM 3 minutes away. A bad night to end our long weekend in Prague. GooglePlace - May 2017
Sushi De La Pancake en
This restaurant is a hidden little jewel.Although their menu is really limited,entrecote with french fries and salat on side is fabulous!I also love their onion soup❤️ and authentic atmosphere. Foursquare - April 2017
Masker Littlemonster en
Onion soup and salad were very tasty. The waiter was very friendly and the atmosphere in the restaurant was relaxing. GooglePlace - March 2017
Ondřej Wachal en
Entrecot, what else Foursquare - February 2017
Victoria Tarus en
I loved this place, because it is standing at a half way for our tours. I am a touguide and I was used to bring many peolpe to this cafe. Everything seemed to be OK untill yesterday, on Tuesday, 9/8, we came with my tourists at 4 pm to have a cup of coffee. There were nobody outside, so I came inside to order some drinks. I was shocked. 6 waiters were sitting at the table and they rudely asked me to leave the cafe, because they ha SIESTA!!! Can you imagine that??? At your website is said that cafe works from 12pm till 0 am. And what kind of Siesta in Prague when it was +17 outside? You've got to be kidding me, guys. Dear owner, I hope you read this review. It's time to gather a new team, because your lazy waiters do not want to work and earn theit 100 CZK/hour. Delate si srandu? Siesta v Praze, kdyz je venku +17? Kluci na baru by se meli naucit jak se chovat s klienty, zejmena s temi, kteri do vasi restauraci chodi pravidelne. Majitel by uz mel davno sehnat nekoho jineho na tuto pozici. GooglePlace - August 2016