Cafe Trinity / Prague

Jungmannovo nám. 771 Prague 110 00
+420 224 217 813
Opening Hours
Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 10:00 - 00:00
# 360 of 1768 Restaurants in Prague
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Tips from the Net @ Cafe Trinity
Aris Kal en
Turist trap. Expensive. $$$$ GooglePlace - July 2017
Ivana K en
My close friend asked me to have a guess how much he was charged for two glasses of ordinary wine there. He comes from Australia where drinks out are pretty expensive...much more than in the Czech Republic, in Prague particularly. They apparently did not have prices of wine written on wine menu. He had two glasses of the same kind of wine that was nothing special. When he was given a bill he was asked to pay 1550 CZK (90 AUD)!!! There is no way on the earth it was that expensive! When I looked up for reviews online all made sense to me. He was screwed over big time! Thus, I decided to publish it for him so tourists are more aware of their thief-like unprofessional actions of overcharging foreigners. Avoid this place is my advice GooglePlace - June 2017
PseudoMediocre en
Don't go in here!!! Not only is this place expensive with very poor sevice but also the staff right out disrespectful and rude when you don't tip them enough, which is 10% and they demand it. GooglePlace - May 2017
Liam Cook en
I could write a book on how bad this place was! I so wish we had read the reviews before going in or better yet not actually gone in all. That being said and looking in hindsight I'm glad I got to go in and find what I'm effectionally calling 'Europe's worst ever Cafe!' Although trade level was very low (no prizes for guessing why) the 4 waiters between them couldn't quite be bothered to offer us table service. When our order finally arrived of two lattes taking well over 15 minutes I asked for some tap water and was told with the assertion as though I had just drop kicked his mother in the face 'we don't sell tap water you WILL have to buy a bottle.' After we had our coffees, which were fine at best and bottle of water I eventually resorted to doing the rain dance to get the waiter to return and give us the bill. Then I'll for our two coffees and small bottle of water came to over £25! When we paid the waiter very much threw the change back at us and walked off. We left without a word said to us of thanks or acknowledgement. I can deal with not all countries being so hospitality and customer service focused, that's fine but this took things to another level and 6 levels above that. Add to that a table of 7 got kicked out quite forcefully as 1 of them didn't want to buy anything. Oh my... UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES GO HERE, THE REVIEWS SAY IT ALL! GooglePlace - May 2017
Nasser M en
Unfriendly staff .. Expensive .. Great location with beautiful outdoor seating .. Recommended for beverages only .. Foursquare - April 2017