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Křižíkova 58 Praha 186 00
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Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri 11:00 - 14:00
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri 16:30 - 19:30

Bistro s kanadským národním jídlem, původem z provincie Quebec, kterým je Poutine, čti /pu:tý:n/ . Jsou to domácí hranolky posypané sýrem /cheese curds/ a zalité omáčkou z masového vývaru. Poutine se dají v severní Americe koupit na každém rohu jak v malých fast foodech, tak i v drahých restauracích. Každý rok se pořádá v Montrealu Poutine festival, kde se restaurace předhánějí v soutěži o bláznivější recept - můžete ochutnat Poutine s chilli con carne, s kozím sýrem, cibulovými kroužky, bavorskými párky nebo s pomalu taženým vepřovým. Kreativitě se meze nekladou. We are small family run Deli, which we opened in 2015. The building is an old garage, which has been in the neighbourhood for many years. The location and space was perfect for what we wanted to bring to Prague. A little piece of Canada that is. Canada isn’t world renown for its traditional cuisine but Poutine is loved by all Canadians. It’s a national treasure.

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Garage – A piece of Canada in Prague
Garage – A piece of Canada in Prague Image by Josef Ševčík Karlín neighborhood offers lots of new and interesting concepts for food. One of them is Garage. Garage’s speciality is the typical Canadian meal called pout ... continue Prague Spotted by Locals · Blog
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Jake W en
Reminds me of back home in Toronto! Very good poutine and nice iced tea, great spot for a quick lunch. Only negative thing is their very obscure and limited hours, makes it difficult to try to go there at times. GooglePlace - October 2017
Jakub Pavlík en
Karlin Canadien Poutine! Very taste and unhealthy! I like it! GooglePlace - September 2017
Christian Piontek en
This is a special place. The food is very greasy and all different meals taste very similar. If you need a lot of energy because you want to hike in the Canadian mountains for a week, this might be the right choice, in Prague it is a bit odd. But it is at least very different from all other restaurants, so if you want to eat something unique, you can give it a try. GooglePlace - September 2017
Tony Evans cs
Skvělé poutine, kdy se z malé porce nají i velký chlap. Doporučuji Foursquare - September 2017
Dlou Han en
Best place where to eat if you need good start before winetasting in VELTLIN or beertasting in Bad Flash here in Karlin. GooglePlace - August 2017