Kavala / Praha

Charlese de Gaulla 5 Praha 160 00
Opening Hours
Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri 11:00 - 23:00
Sat 11:30 - 23:00
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Critic Reviews @ Kavala
Kavala If you can’t get in at Da Emanuel, try this Greek taverna across the street. There are the usual classics such as souvlaki and moussaka, plus a... ... continue Lonely Planet
Tips from the Net @ Kavala
Tomas Belada cs
„Nejlepsi recka restaurace na sever od Alp“ — zaslechnuto v restauraci u vedlejsiho stolu. A ja souhlasim. Foursquare - May 2017
Petra Chaloupkova en
We had only a quick lunch there with salat and appetizers, but it was really delicious and fresh. I'm sure we would come again and stay longer. GooglePlace - April 2017
Mia HSU en
Nice atmosphere GooglePlace - March 2017
Kristina Valenta en
Beautiful decide, very welcoming people, great food. Go for it! Update. Dropped from 5 star to 2. Came back here, so it was my 2nd time. The waitress was different this time. In my opinion not efficient. While she was sitting us she tried to accommodate others, so we ended up waiting for the menus for a while. She came back for asking for drinks and we ordered them and at the same time we realized that we are both ready to order too. She wasn't pleased about it. Like she wasn't ready or something. Maybe she didn't have her pad to write orders on at that moment with her, whatever the reason, she wasn't pleased. In the end she brought wrong order for me. So this is where she chef came out into a play. He apologized for the wrong order and said that that order will be on him, meaning we won't pay for it, but u would have to wait for 15 min for it. I said OK. When he brought the order out he added that any dessert we would order afterwards would be on the house. So in our minds the picture was that he wanted to take off one order plus free dessert. We finished our food. Didn't order desert. When the bill came NONE of the things were taken off. Now, I understand that I have ordered an expensive dish in a first place, but I did not pull his tongue. Probably after he said the dish is on him, he realized the price, this is why he probably decided to offer a free dessert INSTEAD of the free dish. But this was not communicated to us. Basically we paid for everything, like nothing happened. I also do understand that they were probably understaffed that day. No problem. If the chef just simply explained everything to us and didn't play word/mind game we would pay for the dish. Maybe they could have given us discount on drinks? Nope. Nothing. GooglePlace - October 2016
Rado Pa en
Great place, great service, superb #BackpackPair GooglePlace - August 2016