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El Marsa is a coastal town in far north eastern Tunisia near the capital Tunis. The population is estimated as 92,987, as of 2014. The old summer capital of pre-colonial Tunisia, it is today a popular vacation spot for many wealthy Tunisians. It is connected to Tunis by the TGM railway. Gammarth is adjacent to El Marsa further up the coast.HistoryAncient Carthage was a Semitic civilization centered on the Phoenician city-state of Carthage, located in North Africa on the Gulf of Tunis, outside what is now Tunis, Tunisia. It was founded in 814 BC. Originally a dependency of the Phoenician state of Tyre, Carthage gained independence around 650 BC and established a hegemony over other Phoenician settlements throughout the Mediterranean, North Africa and what is now Spain which lasted until the end of the 3rd century BC. At the height of the city's prominence, its political influence extended over most of the western Mediterranean and it was one of the major trade hubs.For much of its history, Carthage was in a constant state of struggle with the Greeks on Sicily and the Roman Republic, which led to a series of armed conflicts known as the Greek-Punic Wars and Punic Wars. They also had to deal with the volatile Berbers, the indigenous inhabitants of the entire area where Carthage was built. In 146 BC, after the third and final Punic War, Carthage was destroyed and then occupied by Roman forces. Nearly all of the other Phoenician city-states and former Carthaginian dependencies fell into Roman hands from then on.AttractionsAbdalliya Palace is one of the most lavish creations Hafsid dynasty sultans. Built in the early sixteenth century by one of their last sovereign, Abu Abdallah Mohamed, this palace stands on the ancient port site of El Marsa. This place of remembrance and history is one of the few monuments Hafsid Tunisia. Al ABDELLYA is the oldest evidence of Muslim architecture Palatine remained in good state of conservation of the Maghreb.Cinema Alhambra is located in El Marsa

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