La Scala / Praha

Celetná 5 Praha 110 00
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Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 11:00 - 00:00
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Miguel Brito en
The amount of time needed to get the attention of the waiters, the bill and to pay, their carelessness at distributing the order correctly and the dismissive treatment make this a bad place to be GooglePlace - June 2017
Maarten van Heek en
I know risotto is meant to be sticky, but this I would like to describe as 'soggy'. Also very salty and the mushrooms were slimy. The grumpy staff didn't help either: as it started to rain, a Russian girl sat next to me and asked a drinks menu (in English). The waiter told her she could only eat there, and then left her alone. She asked me to confirm what he just said, as she didn't quite catch it. She had to try multiple times to get his attention to actually get a copy of the menu - apparently it's fine to just sit there and other nothing, but not to order only drinks. GooglePlace - June 2017
Tom Southern en
This is 100% honest review and I never normally write bad reviews but I feel like this restaurant needed to be accurately explained before you eat here! Firstly the place looks very nice and is usually busy but if you notice there are never any locals eating there which we didn't realise until the end of the meal, it's all tourists. We sat down and chose what we wanted and had to wait 30 minutes until someone came over to take our order and no one had asked us what we wanted to drink in that time either! And you might think 'well it was busy' but no I even went up and told someone we wanted to order after being sat down 20 minutes and they said just wait! However some people who had been sat down less than 5 minutes had there order taken and some other people said they waited around the same time we did I think that's why some people have good reviews and some bad because certain people got a completely different experience. Our order was taken and not written down we then waited another 20 minutes and not even our drinks had come yet they kept coming over like 'oh yeah your order' which they forgot! People in this time while we were waiting just for drinks were complaining there food was freezing and some others said the portions were very small and they'd be eating somewhere else after and others said it was not nice at all. This put us off wanting to stay but by this time it had been nearly an hour and we were starving! Our drinks came and then the food came shortly after but this was just over an hour after we sat down... they told everyone who was angry the same story that there were "100 people inside the restaurant and another 100 in the basement restaurant area" as well on top of the 40 or so people where we were outside with all of us. However as people noticed when you went inside it was empty!! Also the waiter were extreamly rude in general. Our food finally came and like everyone else we were not very impressed it was just 2 of us eating and my friend ordered the pasta and like everyone else said (most who had ordered the pasta or lasagne) it was freezing! It was also not very nice! And the cheese they put out for us was defiantly not right in the colour, smell or taste! However she ate it because of how hungry we were!! Mine was not that bad to be honest which is why I've given 2 stars. I had the soup and mine was warm and tasty however the bread had a strange taste that came with the food, our sides also tasted horrible but at least they were warm we ended up leaving them in the end though. After we ate our food wasn't collected! We waited 30 minutes after we ate and in that time kept asking for the bill and the food was never taken away! Eventually we got the bill in the mean time more people were complaining and given 'free lolly pops' for their meal troubles... were not children! No one ate them and the old couples couldn't even eat hard candy! It was a complete joke! We finally paid and they refused to give back our change saying they deserved a tip so we had to leave the rest of our money with them!! We left after we paid and our food and plates still hadn't been cleared... I've never seen anything like that so I will say what all the other complaining customers said that this place is their and our only bad experience in Prague and it's true! I will say this though the reason some reviews are good is because around us some people got a completely different experience, we watched some people sit down after us to eat their order was taken within 5 minuites, drinks came over shortly after, their food came about 20 minutes later and it was hot so all in all they had a nice, full meal within 30 minutes when it took half of us nearly 2 hours! This enfurated me the most because they shouldn't just be able to pick and choose who gets normal dining treatment it should be across the board! Do not eat here, defiantly not worth the risk it wasn't that cheap either esspeshally considering what they offer! Find somewhere else to eat anywhere would be better than here! GooglePlace - June 2017
Heliana Mano en
We were in Prague for 3 nights in August , 2010. Our last dinner in Prague had to be italian. Randomly we sat at La Scala outside. Casual place and very nice food. We shared bruschetta , spaghetti bolognese and algio olio. The last one was a tad too spicy but overall food was very good.The waiter so nice to bring us a bag with ice so the wine could stay chill as per our request. GooglePlace - May 2017
Vivi La en
My fiancé and I were loving it! We ate there two times in a row. The waiters were professionally friendly, even when the restaurant got super busy. We had the Goulash in bred and noodles Al Pollo and they were very well made. Even after a little misunderstanding with how big we wanted our portion of noodles, our waiter quickly went to get the right amount from the kitchen. The wines and Tullamore Dew (whiskey) were fantastic. The second time eating there, we left a tip of 17%, because, in our opinion, the restaurant was absolutely worth it! Recommended! GooglePlace - April 2017