Lehká Hlava / Praha

Boršov 2/280 Praha 110 00
Opening Hours
Sun, Sat 12:00 - 23:30
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri 11:30 - 23:30

DRAZÍ HOSTÉ, vítejte v Lehké hlavě, vegetariánské restauraci, která má za cíl potěšit Vaše smysly a odlehčit Vaší hlavě. Dům, ve kterém se nacházíme, má více jak pětisetletou historii. Za tu dobu se zde vystřídali zlatníci, vinaři, flašinetáři, mydláři, loutkaři a čajovníci. My tu sídlíme od roku 2005. Interiér Lehké hlavy je dílem několika českých umělců a našich kamarádů: Žanda Gebauer vyrobil svítící stoly v obou místnostech, krb a hvězdné nebe; Viktor Koreis navrhl polstrované lavice, světelný bar a grafiku salonku; Ivan Vosecký je autorem šablon na výzdobu stěn. Autorem magických houbiček a výmalby s aztéckou ještěrkou je Tomáš Kuthan. Jídelníček je dílem společným a stále se rozvíjejícím; bezmasým, protože věříme, že světu prospěje, když nebudeme zvyšovat spotřebu masa. Doufáme, že se Vám v Lehké hlavě bude líbit a hlavně chutnat. DEAR GUESTS, Welcome to the Clear Head a vegetarian restaurant that aims to satisfy your senses and clear your mind. The enchanting building in which we have been situated since 2005, is over 500 years old and has countless stories to tell. Over the centuries it has been home to goldsmiths, wine makers, organ grinders, puppeteers and tea makers to name a few. The remarkable interior design is the work of three of our close friends and acclaimed artists: Žanda Gebauer made the tables with lights, the fireplace and the starry sky; Viktor Koreis designed the upholstered sofas, bar and the ceiling and grafics of the small salon; Ivan Vosecký designed the stencils that we used to decorate the walls throughout the restaurant. The magic mushroom lamps as well as the painting of the Aztec lizard is the work of Tomas Kuthan. Our menu is constantly evolving and is influenced by the input and inspiration of numerous people. We choose to be a vegetarian, meat-free restaurant as it simply reflects who we are and what we believe in. We are convinced that the world will be a better place if we can help to reverse or at least minimise the trend of meat consumption. We hope you have a wonderful dining experience at Clear Head and that you savour every mouthful of our delicious cuisine to its fullest. The official websites of Clear Head - restaurant. www.lehkahlava.cz

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Lehká Hlava
Lehká Hlava Tucked away down a narrow cul-de-sac, Lehká Hlava (the name means ‘clear head’) exists in a little world of its own. There are two unusually... ... continue Lonely Planet
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Lehká hlava – Clear head and a full stomach
Lehká hlava – Clear head and a full stomach Image by Stepan Bärtl Restaurant Lehká hlava (Clear Head) is quite popular with both tourists and locals alike. And rightly so. Firstly, it deviates from how most vegetarian resta ... continue Prague Spotted by Locals · Blog
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Andreas E en
We visited this place about one year ago for the first time and again a few days ago. The first time it was great, had an original menu and a friendly service. Not so this second time as the menu is practically the same and the service became somewhat snobbish. I found the whole experience overrated and expensive for the little we got in the plate You will do well to look elsewhere for your vegetarian restaurant cravings as this place is nicely developing along the lines of a tourist trap. GooglePlace - January 2018
Ms Brabo en
I don't often give five stars - but Clear Head is deserving. It is a restaurant that combines excellent drinks, splendid service, delicious food and scrumptious dessert all served in a cozy atmosphere tucked off the main strip. Clear Head provides a vegetarian menu, to include traditional Czech dishes should your heart desire. Everything is fresh, organic and even their to-go containers are biodegradable. English menus and service is available. Will definitely return! Recommend if you will be dining during lunch or dinner on a weekend that you make a reservation given the space is small. GooglePlace - December 2017
Laura Tuppurainen en
Had a starter, main and a dessert and enjoyed every dish! The hummus was delicious, the tacos were spicy enough and the vinaigrette on the salad divine. Shared the raspberry crumble and loved that one as well. Recommend booking in advance as it is not a big restaurant and got quite full while we were there. We made the reservation couple hours prior to going through the online booking and it worked well. GooglePlace - November 2017
V G en
This is an incredible vegetarian restaurant! The food is delicious, the atmosphere delightfully playful and the menu extensive. My mother has a number of things that she isn’t able to eat, so it is sometimes hard to please her - she thought the spinach, tofu and garlic salad with “parvegan” (house made vegan cheese) was the best she’s even tasted. I had the Thai red curry tofu and the tofu was wonderfully browned and crisp, and the curry perfectly spicy and creamy. I will definitely be back! GooglePlace - October 2017
Fernando Lavin Garcia en
One of my favourite vegetarian restaurants in Prague! The atmosphere is absolutely amazing and the food as well. Plenty of dishes of vegetarian and vegan options that will delight you. If you visit the restaurant for lunch ask the waiter for the daily menu (soup, main dish and water) you will save some money if you are in a budget but still want to enjoy good food! Have a look at the ceilings of the restaurant, they are magical. A MUST if you are a vegetarian/vegan and want to have good food right in the city centre! GooglePlace - September 2017