Lokál Dlouhá / Praha

Dlouhá 33 Rybná Praha 110 00
Opening Hours
Sun 12:00 - 00:00
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri 11:00 - 00:10
Sat 12:00 - 00:10

Domácí česká kuchyně a dobře ošetřené pivo čepované nejkratší cestou z tanku do skla. Šéfkuchař Marek Janouch připravuje jídla bez umělých dochucovadel a polotovarů, vhodná ke každodennímu stravování. Na kvalitu tankové plzně dohlíží Lukáš Svoboda, mistr světa v čepování. Tel. kontakt: Lokál Dlouhá +420 222 316 265 U bílé kuželky +420 257 212 014 U Zavadilů +420 244 467 448 Nad Stromovkou +420 220 912 319

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Tips from the Net @ Lokál Dlouhá
Beatrice Barnard en
We had to wait half an hour to be seated because the place was so busy. Fortunately, as you wait by the bar waiting to be seated they will offer you a free beer for the wait. The food is relatively cheap, the side dishes are separate, service is quite quick once you've been seated. However the food is quite good, but not excellent. I had the goulash with potato dumplings, the sauce was wonderfully flavourful but it was more than the quantity of the beef, which to my taste was overcooked. Of course the beer is always excellent GooglePlace - August 2017
Alicia Hattersley en
Huge beer hall with tank beer and great Czech food. You NEED to reserve a table if you want to eat. Full of locals and tourists. Great prices. Can just have a beer at the front, food at back. Good friendly service. GooglePlace - August 2017
Seth Tulloch en
Went here for dinner and was very busy, would recommend booking in advance. We had to wait about 20-30 min for a table, but no issues here as we could wait at the bar and have a beer. The food is fairly plain and simple and I'd recommend ordering sides if you are hungry as the main dishes don't come with extras (e.g. the schnitzel is literally a schnitzel and a wedge of lemon). My reason for 2 stars is that the service was very slow and our I think they forgot our starters as we had to remind them we had ordered and then they only came after our mains. Probably best for a beer before eating elsewhere. GooglePlace - August 2017
Patrick Taube en
Huge, cavernous tavern in the 50s-Czech style: they serve honest, good Czech specialties with flowing beer to match. Great for a dinner with friends - it can get very bustling at times. The front of the restaurant is a little calmer, but the rest is where the atmosphere is at its best. It's a bit of an institution for locals and tourists alike. GooglePlace - July 2017
Natalie King en
Had high expectations for this place as had read a lot of great reviews online before coming to Prague. I imagine that they do use local, fresh ingredients but we were pretty underwhelmed by most of our dishes - roast pork (pictured) was tender but the spinach was the saltiest thing ever meaning only 1/5 was eaten; beef with bread dumplings was okay; homemade sausages tasty but not large; and the beef tartare was the best of the lot. The interior itself was cool, reminiscent of a beer hall with a modern twist. Due to concrete floors, it got progressively noisier as the night went on but that's to be expected. Service was also surprisingly good with our waitress helping us choose the appropriate side for our mains and detailing the bill in English so we could see everything was accounted for. GooglePlace - July 2017