Lokál Dlouhá / Praha

Dlouhá 33 Rybná Praha 110 00
Opening Hours
Sun 12:00 - 00:00
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri 11:00 - 00:10
Sat 12:00 - 00:10
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Lokál Who’d have thought it possible? A classic Czech beer hall (albeit with slick modern decor); excellent tankové pivo (tanked Pilsner Urquell); a... ... continue Lonely Planet
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Lokál – A modern Czech beer hall
Lokál – A modern Czech beer hall Image by Katerina Kaftanova Lokál is another baby that Tomáš Karpíšek – the well known Czech entrepreneur and founder of Ambiente group – can be proud of. Since its opening it bec ... continue Prague Spotted by Locals · Blog
Tips from the Net @ Lokál Dlouhá
Jack Anderton en
Difficult to honestly get that excited about. I enjoyed the décor and atmosphere which stayed just the right side of hipster, with a retro communist soup kitchen type feel, amusing stuff in the toilets as well, some nice quotidian touches like the beer counter. The food however barely cut it at average for Czech cooking, while there was a slight mark-up on pricing as well, most food looked slightly above average prices. The beer was tasty, but that is the case nearly everywhere in Prague - if anything it was served a few degrees too cold which took the fresh flavour away. Worth trying for the experience, but I shan't be back. GooglePlace - May 2017
Masker Littlemonster en
What's with all the fuss? I had the infamous fried cheese with beer. Nothing amazing, just the most mediocre of all mediocre food. It was of course fresh, but aside from that it's just plain, even with tartar sauce. One piece of fried cheese and a little tartar sauce costs czk 165, and people call this place cheap??? And don't even get me started on the service. I was dining alone so I had plenty of time to observe all tables around me, and this is what I concluded -- 1) They are nice to locals 2) As for foreigners, they are nicer to older people > group of people > alone diners 3) They ignore and avoid eye contact I started timing on my phone when I sat down. It wasn't during busy hours, and there are many empty tables, but I still waited for 10 minutes until one waitress finally came to me, not taking order but asked if I needed an English menu. They have these fake, barely-could-call-that-a-smile smiles, like you wouldn't be surprised if they rolled their eyes as soon as they turned around. Don't bother wasting time and money here, there are tons of places for good Czech foods. GooglePlace - April 2017
Jimmy Ye en
Went at late night so this is less of a review of the food. Great environment to hang out and relax with with your friends. Excellent variety of liquor and big open spaces. Recommend coming here with some friends and maybe bringing a pack of cards and a board game. You can play on the tables and it's a great way to spend the night. GooglePlace - April 2017
Adam D en
Bustling, very comfortable and casual place with solid food and good prices. This is a fun place to hang out, it is always full. You might want to make a reservation. I went twice, both times with no reservation, and the second time there was a wait for a table. I ate the goulash with bread dumplings and the fried cheese. The food is straightforward and simple, but hearty and satisfying. This was my experience with most Czech food in Prague. All in all this is just a great place to sit and hang and throw back some Czech beer. Be aware that half of the large hall is smoking and half is non-smoking, but there is some mixing of the air between the two. Side note: I came here because I saw it on the "Honest Prague Guide" youtube channel. That guy is great, watch those videos if you are visiting Prague. I watched all of them and it was helpful for the trip, plus they are enjoyable. GooglePlace - March 2017
Jason Eliason en
This place is amazing. We stayed in Prague for just a couple days but wound up eating here twice because we loved it so much. The atmosphere is really cool. The beer is fresh, delicious & plentiful. The food was incredible. The Prague ham with the whipped horseradish was my favourite, but everything was great. We were able to be seated without a reservation, just requires some patience. I would definitely recommend sticking it out and waiting for a table even if it is busy as it is a huge place and the staff were right on top of getting us a place to sit. GooglePlace - February 2017