U Fleků / Praha

Křemencova 11 Praha 110 00
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Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 10:00 - 23:00
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Nick Donnelly en
Quality has really got worse. I've been here maybe 10 times over the years and it's usually good. However, I went yesterday (July 2017) and the beer - that I think they brew themselves - was clearly off (it had the characteristic of beer that has got too warm and over fermented) - it had a really tart taste - not normal for this place. I went in February when the beer was normal, not like this - so they must be improperly storing it, and not bothering to taste it or more likely don't care that it's off and think tourists wont notice. I tried to tell a waiter and of course he just ignored me - because they don't care. Just a total lack of respect for customers and for what they are giving people. Also a basic one - the plates with the Goulash were cold, so the food was pretty cold. This is *basic* stuff and just demonstrates that this place no longer cares about quality at all. (of course the service is also not great but that's just Eastern Europe). Avoid, avoid, avoid - find somewhere that cares what it gives to customers. GooglePlace - July 2017
Michael Römer en
We were at the U Fleku for a large conference dinner and had rented the whole restaurant for the night. Both food (onion soup, half a duck with dumplings and kraut, apple strudel) and beer were excellent and the staff was very friendly considering the amount of people that had to be served. However, additional drinks after the included two free drinks were expensive for Prague standards at 60 crowns for a beer. Still, I would recommend the U Fleku for the great food, beer and service. GooglePlace - July 2017
CY Lim en
Food is average but very bad service. I asked a waiter once for water please, and he shouted at me asking me to sit down twice. Would recommend avoiding this restaurant. GooglePlace - July 2017
Tin Banozic en
Although interior is very nice unfortunately I must give only 2 stars. This pub is a 'must' while in Prague so it's popular among tourists, and there was a waiting line for entering. Once inside, you sit on the table and beer will be served to you (there is only one kind of beer). We ordered food as well... Waiters didn't speak it all, they just took the order and left in a second. Quality of beer and food were below average, nothing special... Maybe the pub was good before, but I guess mass tourism took its toll. I would suggest looking around for a smaller pub! GooglePlace - July 2017
Justin Waterman en
The vibe was great, beautiful outdoor ambiance, and if my meal would have been better it would have been 5 stars. I got the duck which was pretty expensive for Prague ($15), and that would have been fine if it was fresh. But it came out in 5 minutes and lukewarm. The inside was obviously cooked but again lukewarm, and you can't place the order with the kitchen, have them cook it, and bring it out to you in 5 minutes, so it was obviously cooked earlier in the day. Who knows how much earlier, but it was gross. Plus they pass around shots and don't tell you that they cost money, then you get the bill, which has a highlighter underlining "tip not included". Would not come back. GooglePlace - June 2017