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Křemencova 11 Praha 110 00
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Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 10:00 - 23:00

U Fleků is a pub and microbrewery in Prague, Czech Republic. It occupies buildings around a central courtyard at Křemencova 11 in New Town, (Praha 1), not far from the National Theatre. The front facade of the building has an old, highly decorated clock above its door.HistoryOriginally a family business, the pub was founded in 1499, and therefore celebrated its fifth centenary in 1999. It has been referred to as the oldest brewery in Prague. In 1762 the brewery was bought by Jakub Flekovský, which gave its current name: U Fleků means in Czech "At the Fleks'". After World War II the company was nationalized, and control was transferred to a board of management appointed by the state. Following the Velvet Revolution, the company was privatized.The pub todayCustomers can sit in the open air "beer garden" or inside in the pub. There are eight halls to choose from, with the most famous one, with its original designs, called “Akademie” . Most of the halls are open for large groups only . Customers sit at, and often share, long wooden tables and benches. Often strolling accordion and/or tuba players provide entertainment, and some customers like to sing along. On some nights, there is also a live cabaret show . It features international dance routines and comedy.

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Tips from the Net @ U Fleků
Anghelina Alexandru en
Interesting location and full of history, however... Food came out to quickly but how others said due to full house I think they just cook all the time and waiters grab whatever you ordered. Food seemed fresh but nothing special. Beer was OK, a bit confused as I was asked if wanted beer and ended up with dark beer only after I found out that this is the only beer (house made). Then there were the shots which were decent but MORE EXPENSIVE AS BEER. 750 CZK for two meals, two shots, one beer, one tee. I would say it's quite expensive and doesn't worth going there. GooglePlace - December 2017
Péter Darabont en
We went for lunch and we really enjoyed it. When we wanted to pay the guy just wrote down the amount on a piece of paper. Of course we asked the bill, and we got charged 4 extra beers what we didn’t drink. When we asked the guy how is it?! he said it’s the service fee, even though on the bill it was written “tip is not included “. We accepted and we paid because actually the vibe and the food was really good. So I’m really sorry I can’t give 5 stars. We would give that tip anyway but we were really disappointed after those things. So fellas please pay attention and I hope that nice place won’t do that anymore GooglePlace - October 2017
Karah Cottrill en
We had a wonderful dinner here! There's a lot of negative reviews about pushy and rude staff so I was prepared for the worst. But was so happy with my experience here. My suggestion to have a great experience is to understand how it works. Know that it's seat yourself at any available seat. Theres only dark beer. The shots they come around with are not free, and if you don't want any just politely say no. Don't be rude to them and they won't be rude to you. The food was delicious as was the beer. Get the pig knuckles, they were fantastic! GooglePlace - September 2017
Lynda Gibson en
Great pub! There is an inner courtyard with lots of trees to provide shade in the day. Long, wooden bench tables give a rustic feel. They automatically serve you their signature dark, bitter beer when you sit down - no need to order. It's not to everyone's taste but worth a try. They also come round offering shots of mead which I highly recommend. Live, traditional music adds to the fun and lively atmosphere. GooglePlace - September 2017
Oliver Armstrong en
A lot of the negative points on here are very valid- food came out to quickly for it to have been cooked to order, however they are doing so many covers in this pub that they are probably just cooking the dishes constantly and a waiter takes one when it's ready so my food at least was hot and tastes like it had just come out the oven. The other negatives are that the waiter was a bit slow to come over take our order and we had to go up and pay. And the liquor shots at the start that are offered/ slightly forced turn out to be more expensive then the beer. But have to say my food was very tasty (I had the beef). The atmosphere was great, we sat in the courtyard and there was a real buzz and liveliness in the air, and I really enjoyed the accordion player mingling between tables. Also the beer we had was good and it was marvellous how it was bought out in big platters and you are given another one whenever you put your hand up in the air. So all in all my company and I had a thoroughly good time and although there are noticeably high proportion of tourist, the atmosphere food and beer still feel authentic. I think there maybe a slight luck of the draw with the experience of this place. GooglePlace - September 2017