Švejk Restaurant U Karla / Praha

Křemencova 7 Praha 110 00
Opening Hours
Sun 11:00 - 22:00
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 11:00 - 00:00

... i toť, paní Müllerová, však vědí, že má skromnost je vyhlášená po celým světě, tak, pro pána Jána, nechte už toho chvalozpěvu na tu mojí putyku, já přecejc vím, že ta kuchyně je jako od toho Zenkera, co sloužil u Schwarzenberga. A že to byl teda pan mistr. A taky dobře vím, že to naše pívečko je jako křen. A že už i toho starýho Procházky obraz není od much podělanej... A taky u nás klienti s touhle bezlepkovou dietou najdou kompletní bezlepkové menu, který v celejch Čechách jinde nenabízej.

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Miguel Garza en
Came here for a quick beer - this definitely had a more local vibe to it (Servers didn't speak a lot of English). But the atmosphere was good and we had no issues with the service. Not a very memorable place, but good for a quick drink. GooglePlace - November 2017
rachel seng en
Best experience in Prague!! I need gluten free but my sister doesn't. She couldn't tell the food was different. We demolished a duck, goulash, and fried cheese, much to the surprise of our waiter. The service was fantastic and the food to die for. Would go back in a heartbeat. 💘 GooglePlace - October 2017
James Dominguez en
Ignore the negative reviews. (Many of which are for the wrong restaurant!) This is a nice, casual, traditional Czech dining hall with HUGE servings of delicious foods. The veg options aren't too numerous, but the few they have are delicious (especially if you love strong cheeses). The service is casual and low pressure, but not rude as some have claimed. They're just a softer, more casual kind of friendly. They speak excellent English, too. Come here if you're hungry! GooglePlace - October 2017
matthew thorson en
Ignore the people giving one star reviews—this is definitely not the place where they ate. The waiters are curt, perhaps gruff, but not rude. I ordered the gluten free ribs, the potato and ham soup, and a Bernard gluten free beer. The entree is accompanied by a generous portion of gluten free bread and an extremely horseradish-y mustard. “Holy f***” is about all I can say in regards to the portions and the taste. If I had to choose between a night of vigorous love making with a 25 year old Kate Beckinsale or having this meal, I’d choose Kate—but I’d have to think about it. And if I ate this meal before attempting a vigorous love making session with Kate Beckinsale, I’d probably fall asleep during foreplay. GooglePlace - October 2017
Katie Chuang en
The portions are made for Arnie and Stallone. The roast duck was cooked well and had delicious gravy. Pork neck also melts in your mouth. Glad they had gluten free potato dumplings. They also had gluten free Apple strudel but the pastry was either not baked through or was made of rubber. Service was a bit ignorant. GooglePlace - September 2017