Techtle Mechtle / Praha

Vinohradská 1128/47 Praha 120 00
Opening Hours
Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 18:00 - 00:40

Jsme největší koktejlový bar v Praze v mimořádném design prostoru, který svou nabídkou uspokojí i ty nejnáročnější zákazníky. Najdete zde širokou nabídku koktejlů, které Vám připraví náš profesionální tým barmanů, nabídku vín z domácích i zahraničních oblastí, opravdu mimořádnou nabídku nejkvalitnějších destilátů a v neposlední řadě i mezinárodní kuchyni. Uslyšíte u nás moderní taneční muziku, R n´ B, oldies a dokonce i rockové hity současnosti a minulosti v živém akustickém provedení. Hledáte-li vhodný prostor pro firemní večírek, oslavu narozenin či jakoukoliv jinou příležitost a náš bar s kapacitou 600 osob a 350 m2 vyhovuje Vašim představám, rádi Vám připravíme večírek dle Vašich přání a představ k Vaší naprosté spokojenosti.

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Tips from the Net @ Techtle Mechtle
Vlastimil Kučera en
Havent seen this place much crowded, the atmosphere is fun though GooglePlace - June 2017
Leon Cullens en
It was a bit small, but a very nice place with nice drinks and nice people. GooglePlace - May 2017
Sébastien Keller en
Anarchy at the line for cloakroom (bouncers didn't do their job). Staff extremely unfriendly. Music too loud. GooglePlace - February 2017
Jan Mervart en
Very nice club, loads of fun, fair prices. However, I cannot rate with 5 stars because: 1) According to (apparently not only) my experience, the customer service fails. Two days before NYE we personally went to the club and chose the concrete location of our table and confirmed our time of arrival with the bartender who consulted with the manager supposedly. When we came to celebrate NYE (at the agreed time of arrival) the table was already busy and we were placed on another one. When we asked what is wrong and said we don't like the position of the new table a man who called himself manager started to scream at us and to behave in very rude and arrogant way. The conclusion was that we either sit there where he said and shut up or we can leave without any refunds. 2) A friend of mine, who paid the ticket for 500czk, went out to smoke. When he tried to come back in, the security denied him access. They said he is too drunk. He tried to argue but he was beaten up and kicked out of the club. Yes, he was drunk but in my opinion as much as every other in the club, nothing special. Moreover, he is constantly smiling peaceful guy who never causes any troubles. He differs only in one aspect - the race, he is Egyptian. As I said in the beginning, I like this club but there is the behavior of the staff which is not appealing to me :/ GooglePlace - January 2017
Caroline El ayoubi en
I had the worst night ever! Never in my life did I receive a worse customer service, and not by any staff member but by the MANAGER. Due to miscommunication between the staff members we were literally SCREAMED AT and asked to leave without a refund (we were there for 5 min). Our group (15 ppl coming from all over the world to celebrate NYE together) had to split and the night we planned got ruined. Never gonna go there again! I recommend that no one plans a night at this club cause you will not get what you bargained for and probably get mistreated. GooglePlace - January 2017