U Pramene / Praha

Goetheho 25/105 Praha 160 00
Opening Hours
Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 11:00 - 23:00
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Tips from the Net @ U Pramene
Martin Poláček cs
Jako znam vazne spatny hospody i ty nejhorsi z nich... Tato ale jednoznacne obsadila prvni misto... Myslim, ze i na Hlavnim nadrazi o pulnoci potkate milejsi lidi, nez personal zde. Mel jsem s nimi spatne zkusenosti uz drive, ale nedalo nam, dali jsme jim posledni sanci... Prekvapili... Prisli jsme v 6 lidech a cisnik za pipou nas vital slovy "no to si delas prdel, co to je dneska ty vole". Korunu tomu dal druhy cisnik, kdyz jsme se ho zeptali jestli nahodou nekdo venku neplati, ze bychom se presunuli (videli jsme, ze se nekdo pripravoval k odchodu). Odpovedel: "urcite ne, ale vsude okolo tu je plno hospod, tak si bezte jinam". Chtel bych tedy timto zpusobem zanechat vzkaz pro obsluhu. Polibte si prdel panove a doufam, ze kazdy pochopi, co jste za luzu! Sem uz nikdy vic! GooglePlace - July 2017
Barunka Richterová cs
Tragická hospoda. Při poslední návštěvě jsme čekali 20 minut u stolu na osluhu a jídelní lístek a nikdo se u nas vubec nezastavil, ačkoliv hospoda nebyla plná. A ani zdravit neumí... Nedoporučuji! Foursquare - April 2017
Charles Dunbar en
Classic Czech pub food, food atmosphere. GooglePlace - November 2016
Avi Howard en
Rude, ignorant and poor service. Terrible food. Have been here today with my wife and kids for a spontaneous after-school dinner. Set outside as it was sunny and warm. Kids played at the small sandpit play corner. We ordered the gnocchi spinach, gnocchi carbonara, chicken supreme and a Greek salad. Also asked for 2 small beers and a large BOTTLE of Still water for the kids, with a few glasses. When the drinks arrived we got the beers with a jag of tap, lukewarm water loaded with about 2 full oranges sliced in them. The kids really wanted plain, cool bottled water (it was 32 degrees today). It took me about 10 minutes to get the attention of the waitress who clearly ignore us. I went inside and ask the guy behind the bar for 2 bottles of natural/normal/still/"neperliva'' ('no gas' in Czech). He shouted '' moment! ''. I went back to the table. After 10 minutes of not getting the water I had to go inside again and he immediately told me '' moment! '' again. This time I demanded water right away. He got to the table a few minutes later, with a grumpy face and a bottle of sparkling water! At this point I just went to my car parked outside and got a bottle of water I had there. I was annoyed as he knew what I asked for. I even said that in Czech. Food: enormous gnocchi portions. Sauce was thick and sickening and there was so much of it you would think it's was a cream soup. Chicken "supreme" was a supreme disappointment. Small piece of breast with the bone, on top of what was supposed to be a grilled vegetable on a skewer. The veggies were half raw, soaked in oil. There was some unidentified Brown sauce on it as well. The Greek salad was a small side dish size but was the best dish on the table. We left most of the food on the table, paid the bill and left. There are some great and lovely bars in this neighbourhood such as Bernard, and Na Stare Fare but this one is shockingly bad. Never again! GooglePlace - September 2016
Анна Родионова en
Nothing out of ordinary local restaurant GooglePlace - September 2016