Pivovar U Tří Růží / Praha

Husova 10 Praha 110 00
Opening Hours
Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu 11:00 - 23:00
Fri, Sat 11:00 - 00:00

Pivovar a restaurace U Tří růží se nachází se v samotném centru staré Prahy, v Husově ulici v těsné blízkosti Karlova mostu a Staroměstského náměstí. Ihned po vstupu na vás dýchne místní výjimečná atmosféra staropražského pivovaru, kterou umocňují nástěnné malby akademických malířů Jiřího Bernarda a Pavla Jakla, vykreslující obrazy z bohaté historie domu a pivovarnictví v Čechách.

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Tips from the Net @ Pivovar U Tří růží
IcyFlamez90 en
Avoid this restaurant, it's an obvious tourist trap. We went there because it was the first place in front of us that looked decent and we were cold, a big group of people. The food was expensive for the small portions they serve and they quality of the food is just bad and disappointing, not that tasty either. I have to say the beer was excellent. When we asked for the bill, the meals of course were written in Czech(which can be confusing for a tourist to understand what he is paying for). We were shocked when we noticed that they have added to our bill 4 different meals that we haven't ordered! The waiter was also being impatient, rushing us to pay, asking if we are ready to pay a few times(most likely to avoid noticing the extra things added to the bill). I'm sure they have fooled other tourists this way, because usually a big group of people just divides the money and they pay the bill. I have to mention that only a few people from our group ordered food that day. The floor we were in was pretty small and it seemed really strange that the waiter that was serving us "couldn't understand" why the bill is wrong. After a little chat with 2 waiters and some head scratching on their side to understand why the bill is wrong they finally agreed to remove those items. Because this is Prague, beware of scams. GooglePlace - January 2018
Stephen McIntyre en
Amazing beer with great food! The hefeweizen and Christmas special beer were my favorites. Definitely recommend making a reservation if going with a group. Saw lots of people turned away since they did not have a reservation. Great example of how amazing Czech brewing is. GooglePlace - January 2018
Felipe Pereira en
Excelente place to have a beer and eat something after a day walking through the city. They have very good beer which are made there. And to eat, there is pork knuckles the main dish of the restaurant. Go to the second floor, there are many tables, good staff and nice painting on the wall and that makes you drink more. Try the Red Viena beer, very tasteful. GooglePlace - January 2018
Clemens Flattinger en
Very touristy but the beer and the location is very nice. I wouldn't order any food because there always something wrong with it (mostly dry meat). The waiters were always very friendly GooglePlace - December 2017
Tyler Biral en
Making a reservation and locating the restaurant was easy. Unfortunately the food was just okay. The duck confit and goulash was alright(atbeat). I may have gotten spoiled whilst in Budapest, but the food was below average in my opinion. The turn off was the waitress stating that they don't like to add tip with a card payment, and that cash is preferred, 10-15%. It felt more like a demand rather than a suggestion, and that is assuming I even wanted to tip. I also only leave tips in Europe if the service was good, and this was not all that great. However, the beer is great and I would drink that again, at least. GooglePlace - November 2017