Uno Mediterranean Restaurant & Bar / Praha

náměstí Republiky 1078/1 Praha 110 00
Opening Hours
Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 11:00 - 23:00
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Tips from the Net @ Uno Mediterranean Restaurant & Bar
Eva Geia-Huisman en
Rude waiter who does not look inviting and left us waiting for 20 min. He couldnt get any order right and beer all over the floor. After wanting to order they said they didnt have the products that we wanted and we decided to leave. Thats when he decided to come over to the table. GooglePlace - January 2018
Am Tan en
Zero star! Horrific service in high class Prague. Worst service by a dark-haired, dark-eyes waiter, abit stout in size, probably in his 40s. He was extremely rude to us and demand that we ordered our food first before we found out the price of still water in the menu since he claimed rudely that he did not know how much still water costs as there are millions of items on the menu. We left immediately due to his appalling behavior, words and ill manner. Stay away from this place if you want to have a happy day! GooglePlace - December 2017
Hilde Gundersen en
Their gluten free pizza and pasta is amazing. Quattro fromagio pizza and pasta with pesto are my favorites so far. Friendly staff and good service, definitely coming back. Good for takeaway. Foursquare - October 2017
ana g en
We really enjoyed their traditional Goulash , staff where so friendly. You can get beer and fresh juice. GooglePlace - October 2017
Manos Meletakos en
Stay away from this place, terrible service. This is a review based on our experience, without having read any previous comments about this place. So we wanted to have Italian food for dinner on a Saturday night. We were already in the shopping mall, therefore we decided to try Uno Restaurant. We got a table for two, provided with Menus and began browsing what to order. When the waitress arrived we ordered the following: water, tea with honey, one appetizer and 3 main dishes (2 spaghettis and 1 pizza). This is when the problems began - water arrived but without the tea. We waited a little bit longer just in case they would bring them separately, but it seems they had forgotten about it completely. So we kindly reminded the waitress that the tea was missing. She then brought the tea without the honey, so we reminded that we wanted honey too. Afterwards, the appetizer arrived. We were very hungry and therefore we enjoyed it quite fast. Then, we waited more than 40 minutes while watching the table next to us being served their main dish (they had arrived and ordered after us). Growing inpatient, we asked again the waitress where is our main course. Her response was the following: 'It should arrive in 2 minutes, was waiting for you to finish your appetizer'. (We had finished it the first 10 minutes it had arrived on our table and generally it is their responsibility to ask us if we have finished). After waiting another 15 minutes, the main course arrived. Two spaghettis and NO pizza. (At that point we thought that they are probably waiting for us to eat the spaghetti and then serve the pizza, although upon ordering, the waitress asked if we wanted all of our main dishes brought together; which is exactly what we wanted). We ate the Spaghetti (normal quality, nothing special) and decided to wait for the pizza, but this time we didn't want to remind the waitress, just to see if she would notice its missing. To make the long story short, they took our plates and nothing else arrived. We requested the bill, paid and of course refused to leave a tip at a place where the service was slow, impolite and certainly not worth it in terms for value for money. We urge people to think twice before eating at this place as we are aware there are extremely better restaurants around the corner with much more to offer. Whoever is the manager of that place, should consider having a look on the quality of the staff and service provided, it was a disgrace. GooglePlace - October 2017