Ve Stare Radnici / Praga 1

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Shafagh Sh en
The only bad impression of Prague. The worst kind of tourist trap. They show a menu with normal prices, and recommend you a food with 10 times more price. The recommended dish price is not on the menu but normally you can trust the price range. After finishing the dish, and telling us the real price, they were laughing at us rudely. I feel it was a sort of fraud that makes tourists not trust Prague's citizens anymore. Irresponsible behavior which left a bad reputation for the whole destination. GooglePlace - July 2017
C Bas en
I guess I fell into a tourist trap. I didn't think it was that bad but I wasn't really paying attention. It was a nice spring day and Prague was beautiful. Since there aren't Czech restaurants in every major city on earth I figured all their food was bland (I'm not wrong). They were patient enough with 4 adults and 5 kids. Its always expensive to eat with 9 people and the conversion to koruna from Dollars involves math I wasn't willing to do we paid and (gasp) left a tip... GooglePlace - April 2017
Emily Callaby en
Awful place. Extortionate prices, waiter was very rude, food massively overpriced so we decided as is our right, that we wouldn't tip this guy (if he was nice we probably still would have). Waiter sarcasticly told us we were 'lovely lovely people thanks for your tip'. Slated us as we walked down the road. Never experienced something so bad GooglePlace - March 2017
Patricio Soto en
Don't go there. Period. We paid as much for a beer and 3 coffees as we paid for lunch, incluind deserts and coffee. The service was awefull too. Would rate cero starts if possible. GooglePlace - February 2017
Laree McBride en
This place was absolutely horrible. A total rip off. The food was decent but not anything special and they charged an outrageous price. GooglePlace - December 2016