La Pollarola / Roma

Piazza Pollarola 24/25 Roma 00186
+39 06 6880 1654
# 1741 of 4943 Restaurants in Rome
average 524 votes
Tips from the Net @ La Pollarola
Asher Berry en
tasty but a bit overpriced, in my opinion GooglePlace - May 2017
Paul D. Menson en
This was a recommendation from a local, and while the food was great the service was unfortunately a disaster. A real shame. I can't recommend you go out of your way to eat here. GooglePlace - November 2016
Tom Malling en
Once we loved to eat here. Nice places outside. The last year's we feel that the quality of service and food has gon slowly downward. GooglePlace - October 2016
Thanh Phan en
This place is amazing. We spent days of searching for a good non of those touristy rip of place. We stumble to this restaurant and actually didn't expect much. Now I can say we have found what we are searching for. Food was amazing and the service was great GooglePlace - August 2016
James Langevin en
So first keep in mind that some (or should I say) many of the restaurants in Rome will do what I like to call the bread trick. When you first are seated or shortly after they will bring a basket of bread to the table. Seems innocent and normal for dinning out. The tricky part is even though you have not asked for the bread or even eaten any, when you get the check you will find that they have charged you anywhere from 2 to 5 euros for the bread. Some places you're going to pay for the water if you ask for it, while at most places even if you ask for the water your not going to be charged for it, so long as your not getting carbonated water. How was the food and service at Pollarola? The food and the service were outstanding! We were is Rome for ten days and our hotel was only a 2 minute walk from this restaurant and we tried to dine there twice before, we were not successful because we were too early or we did not have a reservation. When we finally did dine there we were 15 minutes early and the waiter seated us, brought us some wine and described some of the specials they had. We tried the tuna and salmon tartare and it was exceptional! We both had the lamb shoulder and again it was outstanding. We decided to have desert and again it too was exceptional. So you ask why the poor rating. Well, at Pollarola we found a new trick, we call it the water trick. When we got the check totaling 105 euros, we found that we were charged for a basket of bread that was delivered to the table, (we never asked for it or ate it) and we were charged for water that was never ordered or brought to the table. We were so disappointed that restaurant with such good food and service would lower themselves to these tricks of bill padding. We did as we always do in these cases, paid the bill without complaint and took them off the "to return list". As I stated earlier, we were in Rome for 10 days and had the restaurant not played this bill padding game we certainly would have gone there four or five more times for dinner and spread the word at our hotel about the great food and service. Instead we warned people away. With word of mouth over the the internet is cheating a customer for 7 euros really worth it? GooglePlace - May 2016