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Via Leonina 90 Roma 00184
+39 06 4893 0118
# 1607 of 4950 Restaurants in Rome
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Kristofer Abbott en
This place has quite a great selection on their menu, and everything I had was amazing. Right on the street is very fun if you like taking in the sights and sounds of the old City going by, I loved it. The staff were very nice and friendly to me, and quite inviting. I have little to no Italian and they had little English, but we made it work and we had a good laugh at my bad Italian. It was terrific. GooglePlace - October 2017
Christie Richardson en
Don't go here. The service is some of the worst I've seen across the world. First of all, my boyfriend and I walked in and were seated by the server. He makes pleasant conversation and asks if we are American. We say yes and he's very pleasant and speaks English very well (I've taught ESL, I can tell). Then, two minutes later when he brings our water over, he addresses my boyfriend and says that he's coming to America in a few months and could my boyfriend suggest any girls to meet when he's over there? I just look at him and say no. Then a lemon seed falls out when I'm pouring from the ostensibly brand new bottle of water we just ordered. I'm not naive, I was already reasonably certain that reusing bottles is a common practice, but this was really blatant. The service was incredibly slow, yet only about twelve people were dining in his section. At the table next to us are two British girls. The waiter kept bringing them notes and kissing their hands. They were clearly uncomfortable. I'm also sure I saw his wife coming in and out. As other reviews mentioned, I also heard him tell several diners that pizzas couldn't be split and saw at least two groups walk out. At the end of the meal, he hadn't put everything on the bill. Then, he made a big show of saying that tip wasn't included. Yeah, buddy, I wasn't born yesterday, I am aware that it isn't common to tip in Italy and only then for exceptional service. Your service was anything but. The food was decent and the process weren't outrageous, but there are many better options in the area. Avoid this place and keep walking. GooglePlace - September 2017
sohini sen en
RUDE RUDE RUDE!! The worst experience ever. My husband and I came at 2pm and were not overly hungry. We were seated and waiting 15 minutes before having to flag the waiter down to take our order. We wanted to split a pizza but were condescendingly told that this was not possible as "it was a restaurant". We got up and left immediately. It seems they would rather have customers walk out than accept their business. It is beyond ridiculous that they have this so called 'policy'. Rude and incompetent service and a money hungry attitude. Would give this place zero stars if I could. DO NOT GO HERE - your money is better spent at a restaurant that will appreciate your business. GooglePlace - September 2017
Robert Tadlock en
This was one of the worst dinning experiences I've ever had. We sat down and ordered drinks first and when the waitress came back to take our order we were told we couldn't share a pizza and that we each had to order. We ordered a salad and shared the pizza anyway. The tomatoes were green/non ripe on our salad and the pizza was ok. During our meal a group came in, were sat by the waitress, and then this man comes over and tells them they have to move all 5 people to a table with 4 seats because they were at a table for 6. They got up and left and on the way out, the guy followed them and yelled "bye bye!" to them. When we got our check, they added another bottle of water, which I got removed and told them I wasn't happy with my salad. They argued with me about it so I just paid but let him know I wasn't happy. Anyway, seriously don't go here, you'll hate it. GooglePlace - July 2017
Steph Fuller en
Beyond rude staff. We witnessed them kicking customers out of store because they wanted to sit at a different table then the one they were assigned. We wanted to leave right then & there, but had already ordered & felt somehow obligated to stay. They would not let us order a pizza to share as each customer has to have their own dish, so we ordered a caprese salad which had green tomatoes. We complained about the tomatoes but they said that's how the salad is served. We have had dozens of these salads all with ripe tomatoes. They tried to charge us for 2 bottles of water (different prices on each water) and we only had one bottle. Avoid this place at all costs. Even if it was free I wouldn't eat here. GooglePlace - July 2017