Ristorante La Piazzetta Del Quirinale / Roma

Via in Arcione 95 Roma 00187
+39 06 6992 0699
Opening Hours
Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 11:00 - 12:00

הקווירינאלה הוא מעונו הרשמי של נשיא איטליה. הארמון נמצא על גבעת קווירינאלה - אחת משבע גבעות העיר רומא.הארמון הממוקם בקרבת "דרך קווירינאלה" ואל מול "פיאצה דל קווירינאלה" נבנה בשנת 1573 על ידי האפיפיור גרגוריוס ה-13 כארמון קיץ אפיפיורי. בארמון זה נערכו מספר רב של קונקלוות. הארמון שימש כארמון קיץ אפיפיורי עד ספטמבר 1870 עת נכבשה מדינת האפיפיור. החל משנת 1871 הפך הארמון למגורים הרשמיים של מלכי איטליה, אף שהמלכים עצמם לא התגוררו במקום, והארמון שימש רק כבניין משרדים עבור בית המלוכה ולאירועים רשמיים. עם ביטול המלוכה בשנת 1948 הפך הארמון למשכן הנשיא.חזית הארמון תוכננה על ידי דומניקו פונטנה, קפלת הארמון על ידי קרלו מדרנו והפרסקאות שבארמון צוירו על ידי גווידו רני ומלוצו דה פורלי.גני הארמון נבנו במאה ה-18.קישורים חיצוניים תמונת לווין של הארמון וגניו

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Tips from the Net @ Ristorante La Piazzetta del Quirinale
Eric E en
Wow, I have never seen such lack of hospitality. This place is a complete tourist scam. The people who run this place are so shortsighted, it's astounding. I am actually glad I had such a bad experience early in my trip so now I am on alert for this kind of operation. Food and service were horrible. Next time I will review TripAdvisor before sitting down at a restaurant in Italy. If the reviews suck I will vocalize that with the restaurant and let other tourists know if they stop to look at menu. GooglePlace - September 2017
Tim Arthur en
First time I have ever left a review, terrible place, just got home from a meal at this place. As per the other reviews, I noticed on the receipt they had 10% service charge, they tried stating that was tax, then as they hand over the card reader they tried to add on another 15 euros. What's ironic, as me and my misses where waiting for the bill, the waiter called Carlos, long hair, is openly talking to American customers behind us, slating how Europeons don't leave tips, so unprofessional , the whole place is a scam. I hope people read this before going there, it's the only bad experience we have had on a 10 day trip in Italy eating out every night. GooglePlace - September 2017
Vladislav Finn en
Awful place. WAY overpriced and the food is terrible. Charged €4 per 1 boiled egg. An omelette was €12 and only included ham (when I asked for cheese, tomatoes, ham, and mushrooms). The staff was aggressive but nice enough to agree with us that it is overpriced. Reading other reviews I couldn't agree more of how much of a scam this place is. Usually I take the time to check out ratings and reviews of places I visit, but I made a big mistake not to for this one. Please, please stay away and save your money! Otherwise, enjoy Rome!!! GooglePlace - September 2017
Tommy en
Walked past thinking it looked quite nice and modern without checking the reviews (bad mistake) Ordered a standard pasta and a lasagne but waiters kept saying it wasn't enough food so we ordered chips on the side and they kept saying order entree too, we mentioned we will order more once we have what we ordered first to see. The food came out was cold and terrible like microwave dinners you get from supermarkets, not to mention the price was quite expensive compared to everywhere else.. Once we left half out meal on the table the waiter said we have to pay tip . €5, €10, €20. My wife said no way as we were already getting charged the 10% service fee which wasn't even good. Definitely worst experience! Don't go! Better off buying a hat or bag in the street and eating that! Ha GooglePlace - July 2017
Adriana Rosca en
Good food. Nice staff but the prices are a bitt to high for the menu they offer Foursquare - July 2017